Ways to Rock Your Glasses This Spring/Summer

It’s hard to believe that glasses are now considered a fashion item – it is a long time coming for those of us who were tormented in school for having ‘four-eyes’. Yet spectacles are now so coveted that select frames have a top price tag, and some people even wear glasses when they don’t have […]

Working Abroad: How To Cope When Your Family Remain At Home

Sometimes in life you have to make difficult decisions, and many of these might originate from your career. It isn’t unusual for people like you to travel abroad for business, but a lot of the time this is just on a short term basis. Yet sometimes you are required to move abroad for a year, […]

Getting Grips with Hair Removal

It’s the bane of every woman’s life and something she has to carry out on a regular basis from her teenage years onwards; hair removal is generally messy, time-consuming and sometimes even painful, depending on the method you choose. But what exactly are the options for today’s modern woman who wants to present the world […]

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