Factors To Consider While Choosing A Bag

Bags are a women’s best friend after diamonds. No matter what they always have the emergencies in their bags. Most of them prefer to carry a bag or a purse wherever they go. This makes sure that they are having all their essentials in them while they are traveling to any place. With fashion in […]

5 Fashion Tips For Plus Size Wedding Guests

In case you haven’t heard, plus-size is the new power behind virtually every body-positivity campaign and we love where things are headed. With this new stream, more and more designers have grown accustomed to the trend, massively including it in their new collections. With that came a stream of beautifully designed clothes girls of all […]

5 Helpful Tips For Organizing Your Bachelor Party

Your best friend has stopped hanging out with the boys. He’s always with his girl and getting him out of the house has become impossible. Suddenly, he drops the biggest bombshell and tells everyone he’s planning on getting married. What should you do? Throw him the best bachelor party the world has ever seen, of […]