5 Unknown Myths About Eyelash Extension

If there is one trend that is spreading like wildfire; it is the eyelash extensions trend. The Bambi-long lashes have given a glitzy look to just about every woman. Despite this popularity, many women are apprehensive about it merely because of the abundance of myths associated with it. Here, we walk you through five such myths that few might not even be aware of and dig at their truthfulness.

Eyelash extensions lead to the death of your natural lashes

A significant population of women chooses not to go for eyelash extension merely because they fear that it would make their natural eyelashes fall out. This is not true but it does have a condition attached to it. The eyelash extensions need to be applied correctly and to each person’s eyelash. You must never fall prey to cheap gimmicks and extra reduced pricing. One must always get them done correctly by a reputed and reliable eyelash extension expert like those available at honolulueyelashextension.com

Eyelash extensions are uncomfortable and can even hurt

This myth about eyelash extensions also does not hold water. It can only hurt and feel uncomfortable if they are not applied properly. Sometimes non-specialist people take to this task. They often fail to isolate the extensions properly or use too much glue while fixing them. Other causes can be used too long extensions or using heavier extensions than that which can be tolerated by your natural lashes. For any such feel; it is important to seek the help of an expert. As a general rule, the only feeling of discomfort that you experience is within the first fifteen minutes of the application as you get adjusted to it.

Eyelash extensions always look extreme

This is again a misconception that many women have about eyelash extensions. It is perceived that when one opts for eyelash extensions; they look so thick and natural that it is not easy to recognize them as false. The truth is that you can easily decide on the look that you want to ooze. You can opt for a soft and natural look or the big and bold eyelashes vibe.

Eyelash extensions are meant predominantly for the young

The myth is false as there is no age bar for getting an eyelash extension. It is true that young women take to it for beauty and style reasons but even the senior crowd can take to it albeit for different reasons. They can just opt for it to get their natural look back and keep feeling good about themselves.

Eyelash extensions can be applied at home

Thanks to the DIY rage; the myth is fast getting prevalent that eyelash extensions can be applied at home. Your eyelashes are quite delicate and any tampering with them can cause serious damage. Moreover, you will not be able to see the application properly. The consequence might be the loss of your natural eyelashes. The smartest way is to get it done by an experienced and expert eyelash technician. The rigorous training, practice, and experience render them to deliver a perfect job every time.

We sincerely hope we have been able to help you see light on some common but groundless myths surrounding eyelash extension. They stand notches higher compared to the ever-popular falsies and can be adorned for both natural and glamorous look. If you try it once; we are certain you would not be able to stay away from it. Do chime us for more information or queries!

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