Bridal Mehendi Trends For The Wedding Season 2016

Bridal mehendi in 2016 has undergone a completely different one. There are stones, glitters, and colours being added into the patterns for a more interrelate look with the bride’s garb. On the other hand,  remodel tikiya and conservative Arabic designs are also making rounds.

It is the last month of this year’s Indian wedding season already and brides all over the world are gearing up in full swing for their special D-day makeup. Just like bridal garb, wedding jewellery and footwear play a pivotal role in determining a bride’s overall look; the mehendi that she applies is also instrumental in enhancing the beauty of the already pretty bride. In order to bring out the best and longer lasting effect, these days, different types of hennas are applied onto a bride’s limbs. The designs are far ranging from beautiful Indian patterns to Arabic designs as well as attractive tikiya mehendi tattoos and lots more. Hence, the 2016 wedding season calls for mehendi designs on the bride’s hands, feet, arms, wrists as well as for shoulders and back if the bridal dress is an off-shoulder one. These designs will look gorgeous on the wedding day and stay looking fresh for a long time.

Some types of latest bridal mehendi designs are as follows:

Arabic Design: It is the main stream mehendi design. The design basically involves unique patterns on the hand’s back that is blended with additional botanical and other regular designs in this season. This season diverse shades are being incorporated into this design to match with the bride’s attire. Shaded stones are also being used to append to these designs for enriching the bride’s skin tone.

Basic Indian Mehendi Design: It includes a neat pattern on the palm with some mehendi blobs on all the five finger tips. It is common amongst bridesmaids and other family members. Since this pattern is less ornate, brides can stay away from it this season.

Some details on latest design trends are as follows:

The latest designs this season include stones, glitters and colours. These added elements make the designs even more beautiful and stylish to look at.

In this season ordinary tikiya and traditional dot designs have been beautified with patterns around the corners and on tips to make the design even more pleasing to look at.

Brides also love their feet and ankles to be adorned with delicate mehendi designs so that the beauty of the lovely foot accessories, that are a mandate in Indian rituals get further enhanced Some of these accessories include the payal or anklet and toe rings in silver or gold. So a mehendi design alongside these ornaments adorns a bride’s feet beautifully.

Since bridal mehendi is considered to be the dream of another life drawn on a palm, Indian brides work very hard to bring out the best colour of their designs. They sit for hours with spraining hands because it is believed that their spouse’s love will grow in leaps and bounds if the mehendi’s colour turns brighter. In some parts of the country there is a custom that the husband-to-be has to find his name or his name initials in calligraphic shape covered up in the bride’s mehendi plans.

All through the 2016 bridal season, several beauty parlours, salons, bridal stylists and beauty experts are offering mehendi services to bridal makeup clients. Some times mehendi packages are thrown in as complimentary services along with bridal makeup. So brides can make the most out of these packs and plan for a beautiful Indian wedding getup this year. Happy Wedding!

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