Cleaning And Storage Of Fur – How To Extend The Life Of Your Precious Garment

Fur is elegant and splendorous. It speaks of luxury and is timeless, immune to ever-changing fashion trends. At the same time, taking care of your fur is another big responsibility. This is why most fur owners know the value of maintaining it using the prescribed methods, a service something only reputed professionals can provide.  

Companies like will give your beloved fur coat the tender love and care that it deserves. These established fur houses are equipped with the tools and expertise to store, restyle, and clean expensive fur garments using detailed methods that preserve the original state of the fabric.

Fur Cleaning Services

Cleaning fur is a tricky affair. Fur has natural oils and is very delicate to several chemicals so an uninformed attempt can lead to disastrous results. If you have spent your hard-earned money on a fur coat it is wiser to spend a little more by giving it to the experts for cleaning rather than going DIY.

It is widely suggested that fur needs to be cleaned at least once every year. Even if your favorite fur coat does not look visibly dirty but over a period of time, it would have accumulated dust and other pollutants along with odor-causing gases and agents. If allowed to fester, these will cause damage to the fur and affect the natural oils that give it its beautiful texture. Fur cleaning by experts also involves some special oil treatments to replenish the natural fur oils that would have dissipated over time. Think of it like a conditioning session to prevent the skin from drying completely. Dried up fur is impossible to restore.

The Nuances Of Fur Storage

Fur storage is often overlooked by those who are not familiar with the garments or those who have just picked up their first piece. Fur is something that cannot be worn all year round in most places but because it is very sensitive, you cannot store it like you would a woolen suit or a pair of jeans. It is also expensive, so if your fur gets damaged due to bad storage it becomes a big loss.

Fur needs to breathe. It cannot be folded, crumpled or hung at the far end of the closet, squeezed in by the rest of your clothes. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight and it should not be kept in a warm place because the oils in it will evaporate. Excess humidity also causes damage and if the environment is dry, the already-mentioned natural oils will dry out and the fur gets damaged.

Mothballs and cedar closets also damage fur. With so many conditions to store fur, doing it yourself is not a good idea. Instead, opt for a professional fur storage service that will guarantee the safekeeping of your garment till you need it next.

When you clean your fur and store it properly you will extend its age. It will look like it just got delivered from the showroom and allows you to carry your style without a compromise. Fur is a wonderful possession. Take care of them and enjoy the different styles that you can wear it.

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