For The Love Of Paper: Best Wedding Invitations Designs

Despite all technological achievements, sending a wedding invitation by mail is still not out of fashion.

They are like heralds of your wedding and people are happy to receive them. As they give the first impression of the event that they annunciate, you should pay special attention to their design and style, which should correspond with the venue and the wedding theme.

Here are a couple of creative ideas for making perfect wedding invitations, inspired by the latest trends.

Dreamy colours

Bright and pastel colours are the new white, especially if you’re planning a spring or summer wedding. You can also try sky blue, turquoise, lilac, soft pink or yellow. One of the hottest wedding invitations trends of 2016 is watercolours. You can use them as a background colour or coloured details if you want to add more style to your wedding stationeries.

If you’re planning a fall or winter wedding, some of the jewel tones could be a good option, but you should also consider bolder and darker colours, like orange, navy, deep plum or black. You can brighten them up with some gold, silver, metallic or glitter details. For example, if you choose a black or purple velvet wedding invitation, decorate the envelope liner with gold glitter or use a gold foil to highlight your names.

Foil stamping not only looks glamorous, but it’s also very practical for marking off the wedding key info (like a location, date and time) or decorating an illustration. The foil doesn’t have to be golden; you can also pick the silver or bronze one.

Minimalistic style

Reduced and minimalistic style is one of this year’s favourite. You can hardly go wrong with this chic, timeless and eye-catching trend. Opt for simple combination of two colours and make a statement with an interesting font. A tricky part of a minimalistic design is the smart use of blank space around the text. Avoid bright colours and large illustrations and remove anything that isn’t necessary, in order to keep focus on what matters.

You can keep a minimalistic design and still have a unique style with the right choice of paper’s texture and shape. Give rein to your imagination and play with paper shapes, layers and folds in any geometrical form, frame info in an oval vignette, or make a collage or even a brochure. Whatever you choose, it’s important that the paper style matches with other invitation’s attributes. So, if you decide to have an intense vignette, you should balance it out by keeping the rest of the invitation simple and clean.

All natural

Elements of nature become very popular when creating a wedding theme, especially when it comes to weddings with an outdoor venue in spring or fall. They can be inspirational for every part of planning, including the invitations.

For creating rustic wedding stationeries, choose a brown kraft paper or hessian fabric, decorated with wood and flower motifs in a natural colour palette of brown and green shades. For even more romantic design, add some lace, an aromatic sprig and vintage typography.

Personalized invitations

There’s no fashion style that can be compared with personally designed wedding invitations. It can refer to a whole card or just some part of it, but the result will be the same and it will be an unforgettable memory for your guests. This unique touch can be custom monograms, a hand-drawn map of the wedding location, a photo or a cartoon illustration of newlyweds or some personal detail which represents the happy couple the most.

It’s common that a wedding theme determines the design of wedding stationeries, but with little bit of creativity, they also can have an impact on the event’s style. It’s recommended to consult the professionals in order to create invitations which will represent your love and personal style the most.

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