Tips on Picking the Right Diamond Earrings to Match Your Outfit

Size of the Earrings

How large or small the earrings are will also dictate whether they match with the outfit you are going to wear. For example, an elaborate dress may overpower small stud earrings, requiring something more intricate. A top diamond store will have a wide selection of products suitable for both simple and formal attire. When choosing one item in particular, the following combinations will work:

Stud earrings and summer skirts

Ribbon or cross-over earrings and office dresses

Chandelier and drop earrings for dinner wear

As you can see, the larger the earring is, the more suitable it is for a formal occasion. You can use this as a general rule of thumb when picking out an outfit in future.237010-5202e395d49ec

Simple or Stylish

Of course, the intricacy of the jewellery you wear will also have to match with any clothing you have on. Since diamond earrings are in a neutral tone, they’ll work best with attire which isn’t too bold in one particular colour. After all, a predominantly yellow dress will require yellow earrings to complete the look. Diamonds, being clear, will match outfits that are black, white or a combination of the two. Just remember that drastically intricate styles of clothing will overpower simplistic earring designs such as stud or cluster. Thus, you’ll need to balance each for the perfect outfit.

Multiple Piercings

Those with two or more ear piercings will need to be extra careful when selecting the right jewellery for their outfit. As well as the above considerations, you’ll also need to make sure that any larger earrings remain in the lower piercings. Work from smallest to largest as you move towards the earlobes. This will help you create an overall look, complementing your outfit with some stunning accessories without worrying about any of the individual pieces clashing with each other.

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