How To Ace Your Style With A Fur Coat

The other name of fur is controversy. The battle between the ethics and the aesthetics over the use of real fur is never-ending. But the fact is that the real fur is back in trend. Be it a diva with a fur stole at the airport or a fashionista strutting down the street in a short fur coat – real fur is here to turn the heads, and turn them for long. You don’t have to be a Lady Gaga to dare sport fur clothing now.

For those pulling themselves back from real fur, fearing a censure, know that the haute couturiers are now backing your silent desire for real fur coats, capes, and stoles. Nevertheless, you cannot throw your expensive treasure over your body just like that. There’s a way to wear fur. The price tag of your furry but isn’t enough to impress. It’s the ensemble you create with it that will seal a billion dollar price on your style.

Let’s check out the 2 most important tips of acing the ‘fur’ style.

Choosing the right one – Coats are the most favorites among fur products. If you intend to buy one, decide the places or occasions you wish to wear them too. Yes, it is necessary, because all lengths of fur coats aren’t suitable for all occasions. The long fur coats are exclusive pieces of luxury. Hence, you can’t sport them with casual daywear on a busy street. These longer pieces of delicate opulence must be reserved for special occasions. Team one with an elegant dress, a pair of stilettos, a single piece of statement jewelry, and a sleek designer clutch. You are ready to rock the evening.

Pair them – But, if you intend to turn a few heads on the busy weekday streets, invest in a short or mid-length fur coat to go well with the casuals. Pull on your best-fitted pair of denim, slip into a somber-toned shirt, lock your feet inside a pair of grungy leather boots, and throw the coat over your shoulder. You are good to be the street star for the day. A fur shrug or cape can enhance the feminine element of your cute cocktail dress as well.

Pair them with thinner pieces – A fur coat is a fluffy item. Be wary of the possibility of appearing a size bigger with fur clothing. So, make sure to wear thinner pieces of clothing under fur. It’d be a great idea to lend a break by adding a body-fitting element to the style. For example, a pair of skin fit denim or a bodycon dress or skirt will offer the much-needed shapely element against the bulky fur coat, cape or stole. Also, make sure not to overdo a fur. You might end up looking like a walking-talking piece of mink.

If you aren’t sure of an elaborate fur style, start by incorporating subtle fur elements in your accessories. For instance, an exotic patch of real fur on the handbag or boots, a fur scarf, a fur-brimmed cap, or a fur collar is enough to inject an extra punch to your style statement.

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