Creative Marketing Tactics To Boost Brand Awareness

Boosting your brand is one of the key stepping stones to the success of a business but finding new and creative ways to do so is far more challenging. However, with the capability of the internet, it could be about to get a lot easier. Here, we are going to be looking at just a few of the creative marketing techniques to boost your brand and reap the benefits.

Video Content

As the need for content quickly becomes more and more prominent in our lives, creating video content that is engaging and appealing is key. This can be in the form of bites of information or even an insight into the company and the service that you provide as this can all help to boost your brand. By creating video content on YouTube and linking your site you can direct the traffic to your site seamlessly. This can also be enhanced with professional printed tote bags for your business as a QR code can directly link to the content wither on YouTube or within your site. This can then be set up as a conversion in tools such as Google Analytics and can lead towards a final goal for your business.

Influencer Marketing

One of the main ways to increase brand awareness for your company is using influencer marketing. This is often much cheaper than traditional marketing alternatives and 86% of companies used influencers to market their products last year. As the likes of YouTube and Instagram influencers gain several followers it is said that 70% or 1 in 4 millennials say that they trust influencers more than the traditional celebrity. Therefore, there is no denying that using an influencer to market your brand or products is a highly beneficial way of boosting your sales and overall brand awareness.

Social Media Competitions

Another creative way of boosting awareness of your brand is through competition. By using Instagram stores and twitter you can engage with the target audience and boost your social media following as a result. If you have a substantial sum or a sort after prize, you are more likely to receive high levels of engagement. By running a mini-campaign such as this once a month you can then help to keep a constant level of growth for your business and help to keep content as relevant as possible.

Active Online Presence

The final way that you can boost your brand is through an active online presence. By maintaining constant contact with your target audience, you can ensure that you are building relationships with your target audience. This is vital as this will then help to boost the brand and resonate more with the target audience. It is important to respond to enquiries as quickly as possible also as this will help to boost the overall reputation of the brand and enable your audience to feel valued.

Regardless of how you choose to boost your brand, it is important that it is done with both the company and the customers in mind. By putting the customers at the forefront of all your marketing techniques you are likely to receive a vast number of followers as they feel valued by your company. It is important to not forget about the customers even when your company begins to grow.

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