What Are The Useful Benefits Of Leather Boots

Why do so many people love wearing leather boots? Well, there are many reasons for their popularity. The evolution of western culture throughout the past sixty years or so has created an association between wearing leather and being cool, edgy and a little bit dangerous. Thus wearing leather boots helps to create an allusion of possessing these particular qualities. Then there is the fact that in the sixties, women’s emancipation lead to the rise in popularity of the knee high boot, and leather boots subsequently became associated with independence and strength.

Although they can be expensive, leather boots for women are both more comfortable and longer lasting than boots made from other materials. Leather boots are much kinder than their faux leather equivalents, because they mould to your feet. With faux leather boots, the artificial linings do not stretch like a natural material, so your feet push into them until they start to disintegrate. Real leather boots allow your feet to breathe, whilst faux leather boots do not; this prevents your feet from swelling or sweating.

On a practical level, not only do leather boots look good, but they can be worn almost anywhere, and they are comfortable to wear, keeping your feet cool in summer, warm in winter and free from sweat all the time. They also do not require much maintenance. So choosing to buy a pair of leather boots is a long term investment.

Boots may not be as well ventilated as sandals, but with lightweight socks, they are cool enough in hot weather.  In fact, you can wear your boots if you’re climbing a mountain, walking through a desert, popping out to the shop or going out for the night. They pretty much always look great.

In the cold weather, leather boots with a rubber sole will keep your feet nice and warm, even in the snow.  If it’s really cold then you can wear an extra pair of socks or even thermal insoles. When it’s wet rather than cold, your leather boots still do the job of keeping your feet protected. Treated with dubbin or snow-seal, leather boots are very waterproof, whilst still retaining a high degree of breathability.

Don’t forget that in order for your boots to last, you need to give them the proper sort of care. Be sure to clean your leather boots once a month at least and remember that the longer you wait to clean them, the harder the job will be. Clean with a mild soap detergent and a clean damp cloth. Don’t wear your leather boots while they are wet. Wait until they have air dried. You can stuff some paper inside to soak up the damp faster and also to help them keep their shape. Be wary of using newspapers, though, because you may end up with lots of ink on your socks next time you wear them. Not a good look!

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