Charming DIY Projects For The Spring Wedding Season

Is there a more romantic time to get married than spring? Warm, gentle breeze, the smell of freshly mown grass, and the abundance of beautiful flowers are enough to transform the already touching event into a scene from a fairy tale. Spring is the time when Nature awakens and it is not uncommon to find yourself carried away by sudden burst of creativity and inspiration.

Why not use these creativity impulses to create something really unique for your special day?

Wedding program fans

Depending on when exactly will you organize your wedding, you might want to think about the weather itself. You wouldn’t want your guests to be too hot to enjoy themselves, would you? An incredibly easy, and yet quite charming idea saves the day: wedding program fans!

Get enough patterned cardstock, some paint stirrer sticks, hot glue gun, and a printer, and you will be ready to rock! Print out your wedding program (your names along with the names of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, and ring bearer) and glue it onto the cardstock. Glue the cardstock onto paint stirrers and voila – you have your own unique fans.

Fairy-like flower girls

Your flower girls will probably have the time of their lives: they will get to do an important job for the beautiful bride, and they will get to wear the prettiest dress! With a couple of easy tricks, you can turn them into real forest nymphs, fairy-like creatures covered with glitter and flowers.

Tie a long satin ribbon around their pretty flower girl baskets and fill them up with heart shaped confetti and flower petals. Give each of the girls a glittery tiara or a flower crown to match your bouquet and watch how their eyes light up when they realize just how much they resemble you – a beautiful princess dressed in white.

Glitter vases

Mason jars are your friends: they are incredibly easy to transform and even easier to decorate. Adding a bit of glitter to your wedding always sounds like a good idea, and having glittery vases for all those fresh flowers is a great idea.

Instead of spending a ton of money on vases in Home Depot, take mason jars, some latex glue, and gold or silver glitter (or any other colour for that matter) and in a blink of an eye transform dull jars into stylish vases. Do keep in mind that the glitter will fall off the jars no matter how careful you are, so cover up your work surface with some old newspapers so you can clean up afterwards.

Romantic lace candles

By the time the night falls, you will probably want to make the atmosphere a bit more romantic, and what better way to do so than candles? However, merely lighting candles is not quite enough, and by adding a bit of decoration to candleholders you will transform the tables completely.  

Wrap the holders in lace and secure it with hot glue – this way they will serve as a fantastic decoration piece even before the candles are lit. Use lace that matches the colours that dominate your wedding, but if you wish you can use black lace as well – it’s incredibly effective and elegant at the same time.

Interesting DIY projects do not have to take too much of your time; after all, you will need all the time you can get for yourself as the big day draws near. DIY projects can be a wonderful way to express yourself, get busy, and take your mind off of all those stressful activities which will keep piling up. In the end, it will be a real delight to listen to all the guests praising your little works of art during the wedding.

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