How A Brand New Hairstyle Can Make You Feel Great!

Plenty of women talk about having a so-called “bad hair day”, but did you know that there is actual scientific evidence that such a thing really exists? The truth is that our hair and how we style it has been an important part of human culture since the earliest times in history. For millennia the way that we have worn our hair has indicated social status and wealth. It is even represented as symbolic of strength in the Greek myth of Samson.

Our hair and our appearance is intertwined with our self-confidence and the way we think that others perceive us. Having a “bad hair day” is another way of saying that we don’t feel good about ourselves. First impressions are important and when our hair is scruffy, untidy, dirty, or simply not the way we want it to be, this deeply affects how we interact with others socially and the way that we feel about ourselves.

A New Hairstyle Equals a New You!

Given the surprisingly important role that hair plays in our lives, how can we ensure that we have more “good hair days”? If you are feeling low and simply not yourself, consider getting a new hairstyle at one of the great hairdressers in Claremont. Here’s what it can do for you:

  • Identity: Plenty of people say that having a new hairstyle can make them feel like a different person. Given the close ties between our hair and our personal identity, it makes perfect sense that changing our hairstyle will make us feel revitalised and renewed in terms of our core identity.
  • Damaged hair: In a more practical sense, having a new hairstyle can actually reduce your reliance on products that damage your hair. Gels, hairspray, and mousse can all cause irritation to our scalp and damage our hair over time. A new hair-do can make caring for it easier, more practical, and less reliant on chemical products.
  • Change: Going out and getting a new hairstyle can be a life-affirming action. By changing a style that you have had for many years, it not only makes you feel like a new person, but it also introduces much needed change into your life. It may even be the beginning of a positive personal transformation.
  • Acceptance: There are few people who maintain the same hairstyle from their young adult years to their later years. By changing to a hairstyle that is age appropriate, you not only affirm your own identity and capacity to deal with change, but also learn to accept that you have changed and that a new hairstyle represents your age and who you are better.

A New Hairstyle Is More Important Than You Think

Our hair represents so many things about us and who we are that we really should take more care of it and more notice. It can make us feel good or bad about who we are, it can tell others what to think of us, and it can even be the beginning of a brand new identity. There are so many reasons to go out and get a new hairstyle that it is a wonder more people don’t do it!

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