Fur Cold Storage – Why Do You Need It?

Imagine your exquisite piece of fur coat getting infested by moths. Even worse it gets stolen by a burglar breaking into your house. Don’t curse us for spelling out such ominous possibilities. Taking precautions is better than regretting later.

Thank God for the fur cold storage. Professionals can take care of your fur treasures when you aren’t wearing them. Expect a highly secured store, a scientifically designed temperature-controlled storage vault, and a team of master craftsmen to examine and repair any damage on your fur when you entrust your fur with storage professionals. Your delicate treasure could be more secure in fur storage than at your home.

Why look for a fur storage service provider?

“Why should I spend on fur storage when I can take great care of my fur piece at home for free?” This question is, probably, clouding your thoughts. Let us clear the doubts.

Before we discuss the specifics, a word of caution – when hiring a professional, look for a reputed fur storage service provider nearest to your house. The fur storage in St. Louis has relieved many fur garment owners from fretting about their exorbitant darlings, thanks to a team of adroit fur service professionals.

Perfect safeguard from heat and excess moisture

The summers are blessings for us, but a curse for the furs. The high summer temperature and exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage your favorite fur. Conditions of extreme humidity will accelerate the rotting process of the fur pelts and cause the growth of moths and larvae. Unless you’ve spent a fortune to build a temperature-and-humidity-controlled vault in your house, your fur clothes aren’t safe in your wardrobe.

Delay Biodegradation

Furs are breathing garments. These are biological materials with sophisticated molecular activities. No surprises that they are susceptible to biodegradation. Stashing away your furry piece in your wardrobe cannot defy this natural degradation. The best solution is to store the fur items in cold storage with an ideal temperature setting.

Storing the furs in extremely cold conditions decelerates the molecular activities and delays their biodegradation. The next winters, when you pull them out, expect the furs to be as supple and fresh as they were when you’d bought them a year back.

No Freezing, only Cold Storing

One might assume that if cold is healthy for the furs, freezing it must be healthier. This is far from the truth. Recall the Science lessons in school, and you’d remember that freezing expands the material. Once you wear the fur coat, the material shall thaw and contract. Repeated expansion and contraction of the furs will cause molecular wear and tear and accelerate the biodegradation process. Adding to the woes is the fact that frozen furs are more vulnerable to easy cracks and breakage.

Prevent the loss of Natural Oils

Your favorite fur piece is a treasure as long as it retains its natural oils. The moisture in the fur keeps it soft and lustrous and saves it from breakage. Exposing a fur garment to the summer temperature can rob the fur and the leather of their natural oils. This can trigger dry-rot and hasten the biodegradation process. Fur cold storage is the best answer to this problem.

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