Hairstyles For Men To Wear At Weddings

If you’re attending a wedding or perhaps even getting married yourself, you may not be certain what you should do with your hair. Short, tousled, curly, kinky, a side part?

There are so many stylish options you can get from an Old Town barbershop that you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Thankfully, these hairstyles for men will keep you looking cool, calm and collected.

1. The Side Part

This is a classic style for a reason and you see many celebrities sporting it at red carpet events. The side part has a casual air about it but it’s also capable of looking dressed up and slick with a little pomade.

It’s a good option if you have fine hair and you want to keep things looking natural, while also looking quite charming.

2. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is one of your shortest options but is also always in style. This haircut has an edgy flair but can be formal and dapper if paired with a suit and tie or crisp button-down.

You can also have the hair trimmed so that the top is a bit longer and fuller, which is a nice touch to a classic look.

3. The Tousled Look

The tousled, beachy look can be quite modern and give your style a youthful flair while also looking natural. You can keep it longer on the top while simultaneously trimming down the sides a bit to keep your look clean and polished.

This is a great option if you have hair on the slightly longer side, your hair is curly or your hair is fine. Also, if you want to skip the hairdresser, you can achieve this look with a bit of cream and a hairdryer. This will make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous.

4. The Short Afro

If you have kinky hair and the right amount of length, then this hairstyle is always a solid option. It will have you looking both classic and polished. Applying a bit of coconut oil or shea butter will keep this look moisturized, soft, easy to manage and sans any frizz that could pop up throughout the day.

5. The Man Bun

This look is perfectly suitable if you have long hair that is either fine or curly with length that you would rather retain.

While it can also be a casual, fresh look that you can sport during everyday get-togethers, with a bit of gel and a suit it becomes effortlessly classy and has a lot of personality.

6. The Short, Curly Style

If you have naturally curly hair, then this is for you. Showcase your natural hair texture and keep things short with this neat, curly style. With a little pomade, this look can be quite dapper and charming.

Show Your Style

Regardless of your hair texture, these hairstyles will have you looking suave and attractive when everyone reaches for their phones to take pictures. Show off your style with confidence and get ready to have a good time.

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