Five Tips To Help You Choose The Right Wedding Venue

On your big day, you’ll want everything to be perfect. You’ll want to have everything taken care of, right down to the last-minute details. Before you begin, you should focus on taking care of the big-picture details first. One of the most important details to secure first is the venue.

Your venue will be the backdrop for your entire ceremony. You’ll want to choose a venue that you love and which works for you needs, including your budget. It can be stressful being pressed to make so many decisions, which is why you should choose your venue first to reduce stress and help the rest of your wedding fall into place.

Help your wedding day to be a success by starting the planning today. To help get you started, here are five tips to help you choose the right wedding venue, for a day that you’ll remember forever.

Consider Your Wedding Type

Depending on the type of wedding you are having, it may influence your venue decision. You’ll need to factor in whether you are having a civil ceremony or a church wedding, your theme and colours, and the location of your reception.

As a general rule of thumb, the location of your reception should only be fifteen to twenty minutes away from the location of your wedding ceremony, for convenience and easy access for guests.

Outline Your Budget and Requirements

Working out a budget will very much help guide your decisions, and can help you narrow down your options for the best wedding venues in Perth. Your budget should be affordable and appropriate for your wedding vision.

However, seeking a venue isn’t just about the price tag, it’s about the value and features as well. You should make sure you outline and note the elements you’re looking for in a venue from most important to least important. Circle your top few requirements, and this will be the bar that all venues must reach. This technique works well for many individuals, but remember to do what works best for you.

Know Your Wedding Guest Numbers

The guest list: it can be a tough subject, but you’ll need to have at least a rough idea of the number of guests attending to make the venue search easier. As long as you have a rough idea, you’ll be able to choose a venue. Be sure to ask about the venue’s capacity, so you have a maximum number with which you can easily work.

Consider Your Date

The date matters, especially in regards to price and availability. Depending on what you want for your wedding and what works for you, you may want to book your wedding for the off-season. However, that is all up to you.

Consult with the Professionals

If you are unsure about anything, consult with the professionals. Also, if you want to learn all you can about the venues you’re considering, get in contact with the venue managers. You’ll be able to discuss everything regarding the venue and build a working, professional relationship if you choose to book that venue for your wedding.


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