Choosing Entertainment For Your Wedding Guests

With so many of your guest traveling from far distances to be at your wedding, it’s only natural that they want to be entertained after they witness you tie the knot. Of course the event is all about you as a couple and the love that you share, but after the big kiss most of your guests will be left to fend for themselves in a sea full of strangers. Fortunately, coming up with some great entertainment options is very simple, and here are some things to consider.

Live Music

Having a live band play at your wedding reception may seem like a classier option over hiring a DJ, but you need to be careful what you wish for. Most wedding bands have only a set amount of songs that they can play, so if you want your guests to be able to put in requests you need to make sure that the band is able to play quite a wide range of tunes. Of course, you could always hire a four piece quartet to play classical music instead, but if you plan on inviting anyone under 30 years of age that could seem more like torture than entertainment. But if you love a certain type of music and you know a great wedding band that fits the bill, having live music can be a real treat.

Hiring a DJ

If going for a safer option is more in line with how you want to plan your wedding, you really can’t go wrong with hiring a DJ. Most wedding DJs will bring a wide selection of music options to entertain your guests, plus they usually handle the duties of master of ceremonies for things like the first dance, father daughter dance, and the all important dollar dance. It’s important to note that, like all of your wedding vendors, you should make sure to check online reviews and get a few referrals if at all possible so you know that your DJ will be timely and professional on your wedding day.

Simple is Bliss

Sometimes entertaining your guests doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, a few simple items can make your wedding a ton of fun. You can buy a bunch of small bottles of bubbles to hand out to your guests so they can blow bubbles to their heart’s content; which is especially great for children. If you’re planning on entertaining adult wedding guests exclusively, you can swap out the bubbles for packages of wedding sparklers instead for an even better experience. Regardless what small items you give to your guests, they can be simple and inexpensive and still make your reception a fun time.

There may be several great ways to entertain your wedding guests, but you should always think things through before you make a decision and hire a band or DJ. There are plenty of more affordable options as well that can be just as fun or more, so make sure you keep those in mind; especially if you’re oon a budget. Just remember that no matter how important entertaining your wedding guests may seem, the main event is celebrating your love and that should be all the entertainment your close friends and family should really need.

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