Wedding Party Fun

Getting married is a special day. A celebration of two families being joined together. Months are spent planning every little detail from who will officiate the wedding down to the color of napkins at your dinner and/or reception. If you are a bride to be, you have picked out every details meticulously aiming to make each and every detail perfect.

With so much time and money spent on this day, one thing you’ll want to make sure to do is to get as many photos as you can of you, your new spouse, and your guests. 

One of the newest trends for wedding parties is the photo booth for guests. Much the same way wedding receptions would ask guests to sign a guest registry now a days we do that in a much more visual way. As guests arrive, individuals and groups have the chance to have their picture taken. However, to keep things from turning into a bad yearbook photo shoot, it is pretty common to see different props provided to make some of the pictures much more fun. We’ve seen some photo booths use a cat head cutout, custom cardboard cutouts of an actor/president/family member, moustaches, emoji faces, or many other funny pictures.

Some other interesting trends this year include: 

  • Edible floral arrangements that not only provide aesthetics but also are great for creating conversations
  • Bar tenders are a thing of the past, mixologists turn the alcohol party into an upscale luxury ordeal
  • Experienced based receptions. Adding interactive elements to the food, to the speeches, to the first dance, and more.
  • Incorporating pets. Both cats and dogs are known to be incorporated as ring bearers, in family pictues, or just running around the reception hall. Pets are part of the family and shouldn’t be left out of the festivities any more.

If you are considering ways to make your day special, the above are great ideas but definitely remember that what makes your wedding day special is that you are starting your new family and creating memories with your friends and family that have come to celebrate your special occasion.

Hopefully you only have one wedding so you should do whatever you can to make your wedding day special. It will be a day that sets the rest of your life out on the right foot. Like Billy Crystal says in the movie When harry Met Sally – “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Whether you get married in a church or at the beach, whether it is a small affair or you have hundreds of guests, whether you have a six figure budget or can barely afford to pay for a wedding dress, you’ll remember more about how you felt and whether your loved ones were there with you to celebrate your special day. Relax, take a deep breathe, and remember to have a good day.

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