Handmade Cards Are The Best Wedding Cards

There. I’ve said it. I’ve finally gotten it off my chest. Beautiful Wedding Cards don’t come any finer than wonderful handmade varieties. Why? This is only my opinion mind (for what it’s worth) but mass-produced, shop-bought greetings cards don’t have the same impact as gorgeous custom-created Wedding Cards.

You can buy standard types of Wedding Cards in any old newsagent, but what do they say about the happy couple? Does it tell them they’re unique? Does it show them how much they mean to you? Does it show the bride and groom you’ve put any thought or imagination into choosing handmade greeting cards? No it doesn’t. I’d much rather pay a little more for Wedding Cards to make a special couple feel much loved on the day they’re getting married.

Made to the highest of standards

There’s a greater degree of care and attention that goes into making handmade Wedding Cards as well. Buy standard types of Wedding Cards from the local gift shop and what you see is what you get, pulped products that have been printed in some huge factory somewhere. However, with custom wedding cards it’s a different story. Each one is lovingly created by someone who is passionate about the Wedding Cards they produce.


They take pride in their handmade greeting cards and because each card is made to order, it becomes a unique product. The quality of handmade Wedding Cards and bespoke greeting cards is apparent the moment they are removed from their envelopes.

Get the wording right on Wedding Cards

What options are available for handmade greetings cards? The front of some Wedding Cards will read ‘To the happy couple’ or other wedding cards will simply have ‘Congratulations’ on the front of them. It comes down to personal choice in the end and it might be the look of the greeting cards that sways opinion. It’s the inside of Wedding Cards where you want to get the wording right. That’s another great thing about handmade wedding cards. Many of them are blank so you have the opportunity to write anything you like and you can be as sentimental as you want. Pick blank Wedding Cards and you won’t go wrong with the wording because it’ll be written straight from the heart.

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