How to Choose a Classic Wedding Rings for a Lifelong Marriage

Your wedding ring is possibly one of the single most important jewellery purchases you will ever make. Not only must it express the huge commitment you are about to make but it must also be able to stand the test of time being fashionable decades into the future. The majority of us say our wedding vows with the future in mind, as we make promises to our partners we envisage a long healthy life that stretches into retirement. Once we accept the ring as a token of this pledge we know it will become a part of us and our everyday life.

A Ring is for Life, Not Just for the Wedding Day

A wedding ring has a huge responsibility as an extension of our own bodies it must be able to withstand not only the wedding day but the marriage too. Through daily chores and life changing events it must travel the journey with us from decorating our first love nest to changing nappies, to cooking for family and cleaning the home. It will even stay with us as we undergo routine operations, secured with a little tape as a talisman for our good luck.

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This is why at Astley Clarke we favor classic wedding rings; we believe that this important piece of jewellery should be able to appear pristine, elegant and impressive no matter how long the marriage lasts. We design classic wedding rings that you’re proud to hand down to your own great grandchildren, leaving as a legacy that ensures you’re still by their side on the most important day of their lives.

Share the Magic

For those fortunate enough to have inherited a fine wedding band from our family, there is still the issue of the male wedding ring; however Astley Clarke can design bespoke classic wedding rings that complement any style making the perfect pairing for your special day and beyond.

Your wedding dress may only be worn one before being carefully stored in the wardrobe, your vows although often remembered will be shared only once at the altar, your love, however, will last the whole marriage and the one constant reminder will be the classic wedding ring that adorns your finger highlighting your partnership and travelling the journey of marriage into your golden years.

We can’t predict the future but we can create timeless pieces that you will be proud to display for the entirety of your life, from when your new-born daughter curls their finger around yours, to when you shake the hand of the first boyfriend you’re introduced to!

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