Tips of Wedding Planning for All Seasons

No matter what season your wedding is in, here are some tips that will help you to create a magical occasion:


Spring is a lovely time to host your wedding – as it’s associated with rebirth, blooming flowers and the beauty of life. Here are some spring wedding tips:

There’s no need to stick to clichéd pastels for a spring wedding – why not play around with bright and vibrant bold colours?

It’s more likely to rain in the spring, so have a backup facility for your wedding or cover your reception with a tent.

Since spring is such a popular time for weddings, your cost for venues and vendors will be higher. Think of other ways to cut back so that you can still afford the event – perhaps your wedding planner has suggestions.


Summer weddings in the sunshine are very popular, so here are some tips for planning a warm weather celebration:

Consider the effect of the heat and humidity on your guests and make sure that they are in the shade or an air conditioned space during the ceremony. No one wants to sweat while dressed in their finest.

Keep your wedding flowers in a container with some water, so that they will not wilt in the heat before you need to use them.

Make sure that all of your wedding food – especially cheeses, meat and seafood –is kept in cooled serving dishes so that it doesn’t get too warm. Food poisoning is not romantic.

Consider a destination wedding on the beach somewhere, so that you can get married with your feet in the sand.


An autumn wedding can be beautiful, especially against a backdrop of spectacular orange, red and yellow leaves. Here are some tips:

Incorporate some elements of nature into your wedding, such as pumpkin lanterns or centrepieces made with pinecones and leaves.

However, don’t go overboard with pumpkins or your wedding will start to resemble a Halloween party (unless that’s what you are going for!)

You don’t have to stick with red and orange in your wedding colour scheme – experiment with eggplant, burgundy, forest green or brown as well.


Winter weddings are cosy and romantic and they are also usually cheaper, because there is less demand for venues. Here are some tips for a wonderful winter wedding:

Serve a warm and comforting drink to your guests, such as hot apple cider or hot chocolate.

To keep your shoulders warm when wearing your wedding gown, you can add a stylish shawl, cape or fur coat.

Add comforting seasonal dishes to your wedding meal, such as roasted squash and pumpkin soup.

No matter what time of year it is, the point of a wedding is to have fun and celebrate your love while surrounded by your friends and family – so remember to relax and enjoy yourselves!

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