Tips for Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

If you’re shopping engagement ring styles and looking for something different type than the traditional solitaire setting, it’s worth considering any of the four following trendy styles. Keep in mind that you can stick with the timeless round brilliant shape and complement it with a unique setting, or you can choose an uncommon shape like pear or marquise and match it with any setting you like. In any case, let’s look at what’s hot right now in engagement ring settings.


One of the biggest trends of late has been the diamonds-all-around-the-band look, known as pave. This style is perfect if you want your ring to be superstar glamorous. Pave means that the band of the ring is encrusted with small diamonds either all around — full pave — or half-way around the band — half pave — to give the look of a completely sparkly ring without any metal. There is also micro pave, which, as its name implies, uses even smaller diamonds to give the appearance of a ring full of fire. Micro pave also tends to be more comfortable to wear since the diamonds are smaller and therefore less likely to irritate your fingers. Most likely you will want to do pave with a platinum setting, and you might want to consider a matching pave wedding band, also known as an eternity band, to complete the set.


Another style that is closely related to pave is the halo style. In fact, the two often go hand in hand since they complement each other so well. Halo refers to the diamonds that encircle the center stone of the ring, thus giving a pave orbit to your sparkler. You can have fun with this element of your ring and be creative! For example, if you choose a round brilliant center stone, you can pair it with a cushion-shaped halo. The possibilities are endless!


The retro appeal of the antique engagement ring is still all the rage. If your tastes are more old-fashioned and you like the look of a heirloom ring that could have been your great-grandmother’s, then this style might be right for you. With hand-crafted metal work around the center stone and along the sides of the ring, this style is especially intricate and delicate. It may have any of the following characteristics: metal engraving, milgrain band (raised beaded-edges), filigree, and tiny micro-set accent diamonds. Oval and emerald shaped diamonds — besides being very trendy right now — are a natural fit for antique settings, as well as the classic round brilliant shape.

Offset your Setting

And finally one last way to make a statement with your engagement ring, think outside the prongs! Take oval, marquise, emerald, or pear shaped diamonds and have them set on their side instead of the more traditional vertical setting. By setting the diamond on its side you accomplish two things. First, it’s a new twist on an old shape, and second it makes the center stone diamond appear larger across your finger.

Whether you decide to go with any of these settings or something else, check out the plethora of engagement ring styles out there today and see what you like. Then do your research about the 4 c’s so that you can be an informed shopper when it’s time to buy the bride bling!

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