Bridal Showers Must Look Nice And Attractive

Bridal showers are said  glory the bride-to-be. It is said to exemplify her last days as a single lady and welcome her for the new life as a married woman. Hence, you must be ensure that your friend’s bridal shower will not be a simple party. It should be something fun-loving, goofy, playful, and of course, unforgettable. Make the bride the luckiest woman on Earth. Make her feel extra special and so much loved by throwing party like you have never thrown one before. So how can you plan such type of bridal shower? Here are some flexible tips that will surely be of great help.

Think of the bride, all the time

Bear in mind that this party is not simply to have fun, but it’s also to show the bride how much you and your friends love her. Make a list of all the things she love – from food, color, to all activities she often engage in or highly appreciate. You should also consider her attitude and characteristics. Does she love games, or is she more of the simple, laid-back type of woman? This way, you will be able to throw a bridal shower fit for the bride.

Work on the budget

Do not make everything revolve on the money and funds. If you’re not able to raise the amount you expected then be it. Simply call in your gang of buddies and brainstorm how you can work with a small budget. Potluck party is the best way to fix this money problem. As for the decorations, it’s time to be extra resourceful. Ensure that it matches your theme but steer away from checking some supplies at the mall. This also applies for creating the invitations. You can also raid every guest’s house to look for supplies or anything that can be used to decorate the place.

Keep it silly

Having a prim-and-proper aura in a bridal shower is not really fun. Instead, keep it pumping high by having the best sound system, music, and best games. If the bride is more of acoustic lass, you can reserve the silliness for the games. Bring back those childish parlor games you guys used to play in kindergarten and grade school. Make a twist on the typical pop the balloon game by adding corresponding questions inside every balloon. You can also have pin the sperm on the egg game in exchange for the pin the tail on the donkey.

On the contrary, if the bride-to-be is one of the party people in the club, having a DJ in her own bridal shower is a great idea.

Get a photographer

Okay, this doesn’t call for an expert photographer. You just have to look for someone, say your older sister, for example, to get tons of photos during the bridal shower. Such event will never be complete without capturing every single moment of it. If possible, get someone to take videos, as well. This way, you’ll have something to give to the bride that will remind her how goofy her friends and family are.

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