Fall Wedding Fashion Trends

Fall is a great time for tying the knot as it offers numerous possibilities for seasonal and themed weddings. This year’s trends vary from earthy color schemes to metallic tones, and you can choose among different styles including classic, rustic or modern while adding your personal touches.  

Wedding Dress

Fall 2016 Bridal Fashion Week has inaugurated several must-have wedding dress trends. 3D floral embellishments are big news this season. Delicate and romantic, those textured flowers and blooms give an extra dash of magic. Sophisticated laces have made a grand comeback in various lingerie-inspired dresses, and they’re a perfect solution for long sleeves suitable for crisp fall days. Spanish-style wedding gowns are also in the limelight, bringing a whiff of summer and Flamenco. For the absolute belle-of-the ball effect, designers suggest wedding dresses with airy skirts. The 1930s fashion has clearly been revived through draped silhouettes and fluttery sleeves, with chiffon being a prominent fabric. Detachable skirts are a hit of the season, as they provide a 2-in-1 option for brides who want to have a traditional dress during the ceremony and something more casual for the reception.

Wedding Shoes

When it comes to wedding shoes, style isn’t the only thing that matters since girls want to hit the dance floor at the reception, so they need both something comfortable and trendy. Towering high heels aren’t mandatory anymore as there are some glamorous flats or kitten-heels.   Once again, lace is definitely in this season. After taking over wardrobes, it has become a sizzling-hot trend for bridal shoes. Blue is the new black in terms of color, so it has never been easier to follow that old English tradition of “something borrowed”. It doesn’t matter what shade of blue you pick, you’ll definitely make a head-turner while you walk down the aisle. Gold is another contender in the color-of-the-season competition. It gives a regal touch to the whole outfit, at the same time adding warmth. Flowers are all the rage this fall. Floral details, floral embellished heels or even printed fabric will make any bride blossoming.

Hair and Makeup   

Bridal makeup trends for this fall can be summed up as glamorous and bold. Black and intensive eyeliners paired with false eyelashes are immensely popular. Girls who don’t fall for Lana Del Reyesque dramatic looks can choose something more subtle such as eye gloss in combination with gentle-colored lip gloss resulting in a dewy, wet-looking shine. Hollywood’s golden age makeup style is in fashion again. Red-lipstick and smoky eyes easily transform a bride into a movie star. If you want to look radiant and glowing, go for stunning white eyeliner together with metallic eye shadow. Have you ever thought about face paint as part of bridal makeup? If the answer is yes, you’ll be thrilled to know that now you can raise a few eyebrows at your wedding without breaking any fashion rules. The crowning touch of a bridal ensemble is a hairstyle. It can be very complicated to pick something trendy that never goes out of style. At least, all hairdos are allowed, including boyish pixie cuts, casual boho updos or teased curls. And guess what! Even in the hair department, flowers are everyone’s favorite. Stylish and hippie flower crowns really do make a big statement. Mysterious and elegant, veils are always a good choice. Butterfly clips, tiaras and ribbons aren’t just for little girls anymore. Accessories are equally important as wedding dresses and shoes, so putting finishing touches can make a great difference.

Regardless of what bridal combination you decide on, make sure to stay true to your own style.

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