How Wedding entertainment can be in various forms

Today weddings can be extremely formal or can take on a much-relaxed attitude. The relaxed attitude will be added to by the type of entertainment you have on offer.


It is necessary to provide entertainment for the young children as receptions can be rather long ,and they can become agitated. Maybe a creche will help, but a clown or a children’s entertainer maybe of use. You could of course introduce a caricature artist who will be able to amuse the children. He or she will be able to keep the children in absolute silence while they draw crazy faces of the children, their parents or grandparents. The children can be invited to draw their own pictures and thus there is also an educational aspect.



Teenagers often attend weddings under duress, as they would rather be spending their time with friends or watching the football team of their choice playing football. For a lot of them weddings are an outdated practice and, at that time in their life, have no importance. The time between the wedding and the evening disco is for them a difficult time and thus they become agitated and disruptive. Why not have some special entertainment for them such a caricature artist. Many of the teenagers will have been taught some art at school, and here is the opportunity to join with a caricature artist in poking fun at their friends, parents and relatives. It will pass the time for them and will keep the level of disruption to a minimum.


Adults and evening reception

The wedding party can drag on and even the disco, or the band, does not always relieve the boredom factor. You may have other forms of entertainment such as a comedian, but the novelty could be a caricature artist. Make fun of the in-laws in a harmless way (the mother-in-law may not agree so be careful!), have a caricature of you and your bride, or just allow the guests to indulge themselves.

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