Finer Standards For The Wedding Suits Now

Timing, budget, style or accessories, because not everything revolves around looking for the perfect wedding dress, we share today with you the tips to choose his groom suit, an article written with the help of Paul Smith, who has just unveiled his new collection of groom suits.

When to Start the Research?

Without going too far in advance, you do not have to wait too long. You will have many other things to think about just before the wedding. 6 to 8 months before D-Day, take a look on the internet to see what style of cuts, materials, and colors speaks to you the most, and start! For summer weddings, start your fitting between January and April if you opt for tailor-made, just to have your outfit at least 6 weeks before the date.


Ask your half to see if you’re on the same page for your wedding outfits. The idea is to choose your suit according to your tastes, your silhouette, but also the atmosphere of your wedding, and his wedding dress. We do not wear smocking under the same circumstances as a plaid tweed suit.

Get Along

Yes, we always need a counselor. So do not hesitate to ask your witness, who knows you by heart to help you choose your suit of groom, or even your half if keeping the surprise of your outfit does not hold you more than that to heart. In case of the Wedding suits for men this is important now.

Trust You

Try out outfits to get a better idea, trust yourself and go for it, simply.

Set a Budget

Before starting your fittings, set your budget clearly, so as not to have any surprises, and crack for a model that does not correspond to what you had set. In ready-to-wear, semi-tailored, or tailored, you will find beautiful wedding dresses whatever your budget.

You Must Feel Comfortable

Be comfortable in your suit, indeed the big day is already quite stressful, so do not add it. Choose a groom suit that suits your desires, comfortable and your image.

And For Accessories?

Bow tie, tie, pouch, suspenders, cufflinks, and watch. Feel free to bet on beautiful accessories to complete your groom’s outfit. Depending on the mood of your day, choose the ones that will stick to the spirit of your wedding. They must be visible, without stealing the show, and participate in your entire silhouette. Knot and suspenders for a retro and country atmosphere, or on the contrary a beautiful tie perfect for those who want more sobrieties, everything depends on your tastes and your desires.

And of course we forget to complete his look with the right shoes, leather for a chic outfit, but why not tennis for a more casual silhouette. And if you want to make a reminder to the bouquet of your half, wear on the lapel of your jacket, a buttonhole with flowers.

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