Greater Choices For The Best Coats

As we pack up, a few questions come to mind: What will we need? What will we use? And of course, one of our first questions when looking at the wardrobe or buying a piece at the store is, which coat is best for cold? Jackets are indispensable parts in winter and are available in various models with different heating capacities. For this reason, the Winter Workshop brings tips so that you have no doubt when choosing the best coat for cold weather. The use of the peacoat comes useful now.

What Is The Best Cold Jacket? Cardigan

The wool coat, especially the Italian, is an excellent choice for those looking for parts for moderate and intense cold. Nevertheless, it is important to wear it with the thermal clothing underneath, as it does not bar the wind inlet completely as in other models. In addition, it is not waterproof and therefore not the most suitable option for rainy days. But if you are in a very cold place, but in dry weather, this coat is a great choice! It goes well in the fall too.

Trench Coat

This is one of the most sophisticated, sought after and feminine models in the world of jackets. The model is classic, and widely used in the northern hemisphere. The trench coat is suitable for autumn and withstands temperatures between 10 ° C and 15 ° C. Because of this, it helps to diminish the sensation of the wind and can warm even with rain.

Style Tip: The trench coat can be worn closed or open in the overlay style. But if you go to a place with snow and negative temperatures, choose another type of coat.

What Is The Best Cold Jacket? Jacket

The jacket is a great choice to wear during the fall. The cool style adds an extra touch to your cool look and has become quite common in countries with well-defined seasons.


The parka is a kind of wide, lined coat that can be worn in moderate and intense cold. Because it is waterproof, this jacket suits snow or drizzle, and withstands temperatures below 10 ° C. The hood helps protect the neck, face and ears from the cold. This “complement” is essential as the extremities of the body tend to suffer most from low temperatures.


The waterproof jackets are perfect for those who will play sports or any snow activity. They are light and one of the most used is the doudoune, a coat sewn in square details.

The doudoune coat is a classic and blends well with snow-capped regions and negative temperatures. Often referred to as “Michelin”, this jacket has internal protection and is waterproof, protecting from cold, snow and wind. For sure, the best option for very low temperatures (below 0ºC, especially).

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