What Clothing Do Newborn Babies Need For Summer?

If you’re becoming a parent for the first time, getting the right clothes for your newborn may be a challenge, especially if the little one comes during extreme seasons like summer. Well, the newborn is indeed sensitive to cold, but that doesn’t mean you dress them heavily even when it’s extremely hot. While most of us believe that babies should always be dressed warmly, irrespective of the season, the little ones are very sensitive to temperature changes, and just as adults, they’ll need to be dressed light in a hot season. You should have this at the back of your mind as you shop for baby clothes, especially if you’re shopping for summer attires.

If indeed you’re a first-time mom and you’re wondering what clothes to buy for newborns in summer, here are a few suggestions to lighten the burden.

Go For Cotton

When shopping for baby clothes, ensure you go for ones made of cotton. Cotton is a soft fabric that’s not only gentle on the baby’s skin, but it also allows the little one’s skin to breathe. While at the baby shop, look out for tags labeled 100% cotton, or you could request the shop attendant to help you get cotton picks for your baby. From vests and onesies to baby blankets, a good percentage of your baby’s clothing should be made of cotton. 

Loose Clothing

Tight-fitting clothes aren’t ideal for your little one as they cause overheating on the baby’s skin, and especially on a hot day. While your baby may look nice in that fitting onesie, for the sake of their skin and comfort, opt for a loose-fitting one instead. However, this doesn’t mean you get something baggy, as this may also be uncomfortable for the baby.  If the little one is already here, you could carry them along to the baby shop and get them the right cloth size. 

Light Clothing

Summertime isn’t the time to dress your baby in that woolen sweater or wrap them in a heavy shoal. Just as you’d like to feel light on a hot sunny day, so does your little one. Unlike adults, newborns can’t regulate their body temperature, and it’s your responsibility to do it for them. If you dress them in heavy clothes on a hot day, expect to see things like rash on their skin. Therefore, as you shop for your baby’s summer clothes, ensure they’re light, including the baby’s blanket. 

Less Clothing

Your baby too needs to feel the breeze, and if you dress them in that pair of trousers on a sunny day, they’ll feel quite uncomfortable. For your little boy, you could have a pair of shorts for them and a pretty short dress for your little princess. This allows their skin to cool when temperatures go up. However, no matter how hot it is, always ensure the baby’s feet are covered all the time as their feet get cold easily.

As you go shopping for your newborn’s clothing, ensure you pick what’s appropriate for the season. Even as you buy baby’s clothes, you can visit furnishing to carry a piece of baby furniture along. 

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