How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery

Jewellery is a prized possession. Everyone invests a lot of money in their jewellery pieces. But like everything they catch the dirt. Since jewellery is directly in contact with the skin, the can become dirty with your sweat. Often stored jewellery also becomes shineless. These jewellery need occasional cleaning so that these pieces remain shiny evergreen.

Hence, you need to take proper care of your jewellery pieces. This is not a difficult task. You can easily do it on your own with a little bit of guidance. Read this article to know about how to take proper care of your jewellery.

  1. Daily wear jewellery has the highest chance of collecting dirt because you wear them often. Your daily wear chains, earrings and wedding rings are constantly in touch with your skin. Hence, they become shineless easily. Try to examine your daily wear jewellery every 5 to 12 months so that you can understand their state. Careful examination will be enough to say if the bauble needs a polish or a thorough cleaning. Woman hari pethe ring collection has a detailed guide about how to clean the rings in the home. You can also contact your jeweller so polish or clean the jewellery if needed.
  2. The jewellers often provide complimentary jewellery cleaning solution so that the buyer can clean the jewellery in their own home. You can also buy the solution from your nearest jeweller. Follow the instructions to clean your jewellery pieces. The process is easy and affordable
  3.  Polishing jewellery pieces with soft cotton or silk cloth is often yielded wonderful results. This process is the most affordable and easiest way. You just need to polish the jewellery pieces like you clean your eyeglasses and you will get them shiny as new. Woman hari pethe gold ring designs can be easily polished at home with a cloth.
  4.  Chemicals are harmful to jewellery. Chemicals like perfume, hairspray or makeup damages gold and silver. These chemicals also damage pearls and make them less shiny. Hence, try to put on your jewellery after your make up is done. 
  5. Do not go swimming with your jewellery. The pool water can harm the delicate products. Remove all of your jewellery pieces before jumping into the pool.
  6. Certain jewellery pieces lose their lustre in sunlight. A long time of sunlight exposure is harmful to some gemstones. Other jewellery is had chances of getting blotched in harsh sunlight. Extreme heat and light can break the gemstones and make small crack inside them. Therefore, try to wear them in a suitable condition.
  7. The way how do you store your jewellery is a great factor. Are jewellery stored carefully they can be as good as new for a long time? Hence, try to store the jewellery in their original boxes or wrap them in silk or cotton before putting these in a box. Otherwise, you may store your baubles in a special vanity box with separate compartments. You should never store two or three jewellery together. Wrap them individual if you want to keep these gleaming.

Hence, jewellery needed so be cared for and stored properly. Otherwise, these pieces can get damaged and lose their lustre. You can clean the pieces at home or you may seek professional services.

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