Finer Options For The Best Dresses Now

If there is one item of clothing that should be found in all the wardrobes of men, it is the shirt. Symbol of virility and elegance, the shirt comes in different shapes and colors. But how to choose to highlight its silhouette? Here are a few tips. In case of Big and tall dress shirts this is important now.

What shirt for what occasion?

Before buying a shirt for men in Lyon or elsewhere in France, it is important to define its use. There are 3 types of shirts each for a particular use:

  • The work shirt: it is a shirt close to the body but comfortable. It is worn in the pants and closed to the top especially if you wear a tie.
  • The casual shirt: it’s a shirt designed for everyday life. The materials and patterns are more varied. It gives a neat and relaxed look.
  • The chic shirt: it reveals all the elegance of a man. She wears for special occasions. The broken collar is often what characterizes it.

What cut for which morphology?

Men’s shirts cuts

Different cuts of shirts for men. To wear a shirt with class, it is first of all to know well its proportions. 

There are 3 cups of shirts:

The straight cut: it is a classic and timeless cut, that’s why it is also widespread in stores for men in Lyon or elsewhere. This cut is ideal for a casual and elegant look, but for this it will need to be adjusted slightly to avoid the bag effect

The classic cut: this cut is wider down. It is more physically fit and fits inside the pants for a neater look.

The fitted cut: it is a more fitted cut that follows the shapes of the body. It allows highlighting the silhouettes rather athletic or fusiform.

  • A shirt yes, but at its size.
  • Class man shirt fitted shirt and the right size.

To wear a shirt, you have to choose a size. For that, the seam of the shoulders must stop at the end of yours and not fall. In the armpits, there must be a maximum space of 2 cm between your arm and the tissue. You must also be able to pass a fist between your torso and the shirt; if the fabric is not stretched it is that the shirt is too big for you. The sleeves they must arrive at the beginning of the thumb and wrist

The collar to sublimate your head port

Different types of men’s shirt collar Different types of collar for a men’s shirt

A good shirt (formal) is recognized by the quality of his collar (among others). To begin, you have to check the collar, it must be straight and rigid especially if worn with a man’s suit bought in Lyon for example. When it comes to size, you need to be able to pass two fingers between your neck and your collar. Finally, if you want to buy your first shirts, we advise you to opt for solid colors such as white or sky blue and small patterns such as small stripes or small tiles.

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