Casio G-Shock Watches- Designed For Resistance

For someone who seeks adventure, the G-Shock series by Casino is the ideal time-piece. Every generation of G-Shock watches is testimony to the fact that Casio is seeking absolute robustness when it comes to the design and technology of these watches. It all started with the conviction of one developer that was indeed possible to make the perfect watch that would never break, even if you dropped it. From classic analog pieces to high end digital watches, you have it all with G-Shock. Each one comes with a completely shock-resistant exterior, with increasing complexity in the construction material used and the functions that the watch is capable of performing. 

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A3DR

Price: Rs.15995

One can really get down and dirty with these G-Shock Watches. The completely mud resistant construction makes sure that you can get neck deep in sludge and dirt without the slightest worry. Several gaskets are carefully placed on pipes to protect the shafts and buttons from any mud. This special twin sensor enhances the function of the buttons and also gives you instant access to any information about temperature and direction. The rustic cloth-like texture of the brand and the unique warning-sign shaped needles of the watch go perfectly with the personality of anyone who loves the great outdoors. 

Casio G-Shock G-Squad 

Price: Rs.7495

The bright yellow resin band simply screams excitement. This is one watch that is not just tough but also smart. The superior display with multiple segments is perfect for improving readability even when one is engrossed in a grueling sport. Every area on the display is meant for a different piece of information including the time and measurements so that all the data about daily activities can be recorded with ease. Have complete control over your workout and routine with the mobile app that you can use to connect these sport G-Shock watches to your phone. Available in several colors, this watch is the perfect addition to your athleisure outfit. 

G-Shock S- Series GMD-S6900MC-1DR

Price: Rs.5495

These G-Shock watches have the most distinctive feminine edge. The pink gold face of the watch with the sporty resin case and strap is just what women need. The pastel pink and khaki colors along with the black and white versions can leave one spoilt for choice. 200 m water resistance and a shock-proof body lets one really enjoy the outdoor life and explore everything that the heart seeks. 

Casio G Shock GA-800CC-2ADR

Price: Rs.7495

This exclusive bi-colored watch is special color model that can instantly make your outfit edgy and sporty. It is impossible to miss the somber navy-blue exterior that is highlighted with the sax blue details on the inside and on the face of the watch. Accents in orange are just perfectly placed to make this one of the most fashionable and classy designs among the G-Shock watches. Readability is on point with the three-hand base model.  If casual and street fashion dominates one’s wardrobe, this is the best accessory to go with it. 

Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GR-B100GB-1ADR 

Price: Rs.9495

When sporty and classy were rolled into one, the Casio G-Shock Gravity Master was born. When it comes to tough timekeeping, this series has always been at the forefront. The humongous dial with numerous buttons are reminiscent of the cockpit in any passenger aircraft. Simple access to the different functions is paramount in the design of this watch. Therefore, the large display and conveniently placed buttons on the front and the side of the watch. The ion-plated bezel of the watch, just brings the whole design to life and gives it that rather sophisticated appeal. The connection between this watch and aircrafts is not purely for inspiration. This is, indeed, a watch designed to make timekeeping a breeze when one is flying an aircraft. Even the functions of the watch and the app that goes with it include distance logs, travel time, world time and other features that make it ideal for aviation. 

Casio G Shock GA-110MMC-1ADR 

Price: Rs.18995

Inspired by motifs from street fashion, this model is truly unique. Given that the glossy black exterior and the rose gold accents on the face are truly sophisticated, this watch retains the spunky and sporty identity of G-Shock watches. Features like 1/1000 second stop watch and speed measurement options make for the ideal training partner for any action sports. 


If sports is life, then G-shock is just the perfect pick. Designed to handle rough conditions and to stay intact even upon extreme impact, these watches are complete value for money. You have a great timepiece that not only lasts longer than you can imagine but is also loaded with, undeniably, the best features to support one’s interest in sports and outdoor activities. What’s more, the choices are endless, perfect to match any personality and taste in fashion.

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