Five Reasons Why I Should Probably Get Contact Lenses

I went to the optician earlier in the year; they told me I needed glasses so they gave me my prescription and I went off to find a pair that suited my face. Since then I’ve also invested in a pair of prescription sunglasses, but I haven’t made the leap to contact lenses yet – although I am seriously thinking about it. Here are five reasons why I’m considering the switch…

I love cooking and baking

Glasses and cooking do not go well together, and there are a number of reasons for this. The first is when using the oven and the hot air escapes and fogs up my vision. No matter how many times I use the oven, I always forget! This makes it tricky to see what on earth you’re doing and how the food is actually cooking. The other time that glasses aren’t so great is when you’re using oil on the hob and it covers them with specks of hot fat – the grease is impossible to shift without a thorough cleaning.

Running blind

Blind might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I don’t wear my glasses when I’m exercising in the fear that they’ll fall and break. This makes it a bit awkward to see where I’m going, and as I’m quite clumsy, this isn’t a good combination. Contact lenses would allow me to run without worrying about my specs or my eyes.

Rain, rain, rain

Living in Manchester means it is impossible to avoid the rain. When I was out and about yesterday my glasses got completed covered in rain drops even though I was using an umbrella. Fed up, I popped into the superstore near my house and had a look at the options for contact lenses from Tesco Opticians whilst I was there. I will be going back to speak to someone in more detail.

I like watching sports

I am a football fan, and I also like going to bigger events such as the Olympic Games. In the past I had issues trying to focus on what was going on whilst also trying to deal with any sun shining in my eyes. When I first got glasses I thought everything was perfect, but then the sun came out and I didn’t have prescription lenses! I didn’t know what would make me squint more, my poor vision or the sunshine! Contact lenses would eradicate my fussing with glasses to sunglasses as I could simply wear them all day, and put on a normal pair of sunglasses if needed.

Major life events

Lastly, I am planning my wedding at the moment. I don’t want to wear my glasses when I’m walking down the aisle, but without contact lenses I would be seeing blurs and shapes in the distance. In order to look bridal, I think I should just sort it out once and for all as it would be one less thing to worry about during the planning phase.

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