What Your Favourite Colour Clothing Says About You

Have you ever wondered why you have such a fondness for blue t-shirts or why you want to go out and buy another red dress? The colours that you feel a biggest affinity with could have a reflection on your personality. Here’s what each colour represents:

Colors of rainbow, clothes on wooden hangersWhite

White is a symbol of purity and innocence, it has connections to both youth and naiveté. If you opt for white clothing often, it could indicate an urge for perfection, sometimes to impossible standards. It can also represent a desire to recapture youth and appear fresh. It can also show that you are a person who enjoys simplicity.


This colour represents passion, affection and love. Women who favour the colour Pink are commonly maternal and have a need to protect and shelter people in life. Pink lovers usually need a lot of attention to help them feel secure and loved; they are often gentle characters but can be indefinite at times.


If you like the colour Orange, you are flamboyant and fun with a need of luxury. People who like Orange can be over dramatic sometimes but have a generally good nature, meaning they’re often popular. Those who favour Orange shades are curious and strong with a tendency to get restless.


Though often connected with aggression, red is a symbol of health, strength and vitality. It is a colour often chosen by those who are impulsive and energetic, or those who wish they were! Red is a colour favoured by the ambitious and is also a sign of optimise and excited, people who favour Red are usually uncomplicated and open in nature.


Green symbolises peace, hope and harmony. Those who favour the colour Green are usually gentle and sociable, but can be exploited by others. They are patient and reputable but can have a need to be frank.


The colour blue is soothing and conservative; those who like this tone are usually caring and self-controlled, patient and compassionate. People who like Blue have a steady character and are highly faithful.


Those who like the colour Purple are usually witty yet sensitive with a desire to be different and unique. They are artistic and somewhat temperamental sometimes misunderstood due to their sarcastic nature. Purple lovers are usually unconventional and can find themselves in positions of power.


If you like the colour Black you’re probably mysterious with worldly aims, you can be impressive without being a show-off and have many hidden depths.


Those who favour Brown are patient and conscientious with a loving and reliable nature. However, if Brown is your favourite colour it is likely you do have a tendency to be inflexible.


Yellow lovers are happy and imaginative with a keen love of adventure and a good sense of humour. Those who yellow also usually have a shrewd business head and are good at thinking logically. Sometimes those who favour Yellow will shun responsibility to pursue freedom instead.

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