Five Ways To Improve Your Womanly Self-Confidence

The female role has undergone a dramatic evolution since the Suffragettes triggered a movement that would dominate the 20th century. Women chained themselves to rails in a massive attempt to win voting rights, while in the 1960’s, women won their sexual freedom in another wave of feminism.


However, many contemporary women still struggle to find enough confidence. To many, confidence is a goal so lofty that it is difficult to achieve. So how can self-confidence be boosted?

1) Faking it

Confidence is a learned peculiarity. By confronting fear, women learn their true strengths. In contrast, those who shy away from things that scare them tell themselves that they cannot be overcome. Cognitive behavioral therapy works on the theory that action can change belief and the cliched act of ‘faking it until you make it’ takes its power from that philosophy. Some fear is healthy and aimed towards keeping you safe, but actions that generate fear have little to do with self-preservation. By taking up sky diving, interviewing for an intimidating position or simply by saying ‘no,’ women learn what they are capable of and their confidence soars proportionately.

2) Saying it even when your voice shakes

Women are natural nurturers, however this maternal instinct is a strength with a dark side. Females often take a diminutive role specifically to help others to feel at ease. Those with traditional roots are even less likely to speak openly about their opinions and desires. Having been taught to take the vulnerable role leads many to say what others wish to hear. While there is room for diplomacy in relationships, females often struggle to express their anger – antagonism is subconsciously perceived as a male luxury. However, speaking honestly is excellent practice for presenting your authentic self to the world. The habit of being you will develop in time, enabling you to portray yourself more confidently.

3) Recognize your beauty

Women are seldom willing to give their strengths credit. It is socially unacceptable in female circles to point out physical strengths, yet men have no problem drawing attention to their massive muscles. In contrast, women feel more comfortable pointing out their flaws, since vanity is perceived as the ultimate feminine weakness. By banishing self-effacement and recognizing your natural beauty, you can overcome the vanity myth and become more confident.

4) Taking Control

There are simpler ways to gain confidence. Few fearless females are immune to the effects of their physical beauty or the lack thereof.Cosmetic and beauty services provide the women the opportunity to erase the physical faults that they are ashamed of. Ablative and non-ablative treatments give you the look you’ve dreamed of having.

5) Self Talk

Should’ is a word that pops up often in mental dialogue. Women tend to use self-talk that replaces what they want with what they believe is expected of them. By paying attention to negative self-talk and actively rephrasing internal dialogue that uses ‘should’ instead of ‘want,’ a new way of thinking can be achieved. By asking what is healthy rather than what is expected, women can improve their self-care, giving themselves the nurturing they need to push their confidence up a notch.

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