Buying For Your Boss: Five Gift Ideas To Consider

Whether it is for Christmas or a birthday, buying a present for your boss is not exactly the easiest task in the world. It is all about finding the right level between being thoughtful, as well as not being offensive or over the top. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the person who has a say in whether you get a promotion or pay rise. Then again you would not want to avoid the occasion altogether, as you might just come across as rude or arrogant! So how on earth do you go about buying for your boss? What should you buy? Here are five suggestions:

Something for the office

A safe option is buying something that they can use when they are in the office. This way you won’t come across being too keen, but they will still be thankful for your practical approach. Have a look at the selection of personalised gifts as it could be perfect for the type of thing you are looking for. You will find everything from mugs to mouse mats, which are obviously used quite a lot within the office environment.

A bottle of wine

If your boss is a very hard worker, they might appreciate a nice bottle of wine for their time off celebrating. The good thing about this is that you can often get a bottle for them along with a few more in a bulk deal, especially if it is around Christmas time. This means you can buy presents for other people during the same shop. However it is worth buying something that costs at least £8 a bottle as you don’t want to give your boss a bottle of wine that doesn’t taste too great.

Vouchers or a gift card

For new starters in a job, buying a present for a boss can be a bit intimidating. If you are in this position, you could always just choose to buy a gift card or voucher. You might be worrying about how much to put on the card; £20 is pretty reasonable. Sometimes it can be nicer to buy an experience or meal voucher, but it is important to know more about your boss before you get one of these.

Something they would love

If you know your boss like the back of your hand, you may be confident in buying them something a bit more risky. Whether this is a voucher for a high-ropes course, or a bottle of Sambuca, it could be perfect thing to get you into their good books.

Make a small gesture

For those who don’t have spare cash to spend on their boss, a simple gesture can be just as effective. Why don’t you bake them a cake and share it out with the team? You could also volunteer to make a round of hot drinks which would probably go down fairly well. It will show you are a team player, and someone who is important to the organisation.

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