Tips For Caring For Men’s Suits

Buying nice clothes for work can be very expensive, but if you take care of them, they can last you a lifetime. And since a good suit can set you back several hundred pounds, you need to take care of it properly if you don’t want your money to go to waste. Here are some tips for ensuring you are able to enjoy wearing your suits for the next several years:

Hang Suits Upright

While this may seem like an obvious tip, it is important to hang suits upright in the closet on a suit hanger. Instead of using plastic hangers, buy cedar wood hangers on which to hang men’s suits. The cedar hangers act as a repellent for moths and other pests—plus they also help absorb moisture.

Avoid Storage Bags

When you hang your suits, you need to put them in an area where air can circulate around them so the fabric can breathe. Using a suit bag prevents the air from circulating around the cloth; suit bags can become mouldy or you may even find moths in the bag when it’s opened. If you do decide to use a suit bag, leave the zipper open at the top to allow air inside of the bag.

Repel Moths with Lavender

Moths can be a danger to your good suits. But while you may be tempted to put mothballs in your closet, the smell can permeate the fabric and you will carry it with you. To avoid this scenario, skip the mothballs and seal dried lavender leaves in pouches and put the pouches in the pockets of your suits. In addition, clean and vacuum your closet on a regular basis.

Clean Only When Necessary

Having your suits dry cleaned makes them look nice and fresh, but it also subjects them to chemicals that can wear out the fabric faster. Unless your suit is very dirty, don’t take it to the cleaners to get out small spots or stains. Instead, invest in a good suit brush or a hand steamer in order to get rid of spots at home and to avoid the chemical process of cleaning your suit.

If your suits get wrinkled while in the closet, you can take them to the cleaners to get pressed and they will look just as sharp as they would if cleaned. Some men invest in trouser presses to get rid of wrinkles in their suit pants so they can avoid a trip to the cleaners. However, if you are careful and use the right setting, you can also press out trousers and suit jackets with an iron.

Usually, the more expensive the suit, the more maintenance it requires to help prolong the life of the suit. A fine wool suit is not only more expensive than a courser wool suit, but it is more fragile as well. However, if you use these tips for taking care of your suits, you could be wearing them to work for the next several decades.

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