The Wedding Season: How To Pay Your Way This Summer

Most weddings occur in the summer and it’s easy to see why. The long days combine with warm weather (and lack of rain) to create the ultimate experience. Yet this comes at a cost for the average guest. If you have more than one wedding to go to, you have the horror of trying to survive, and afford, the wedding season.

avila_beach_golf_resort_yellow_summer_wedding_john_schnack_5The problem is simple. Many weddings mean many expenses, something the average person can’t always afford. So, if you want to go to as many weddings as you’re invited to you need to plan ahead and learn how to finance your season this summer. Here’s a quick guide on how to pay your way this wedding season. Whether its learning how to work a budget, deciding to sell stuff for cash or simply planning ahead as much as possible, it never hurts to have a rough guide as soon as possible.

Sell Unwanted Items

One of the easiest ways to make money is to turn everything you don’t need, want or use into cash. There are countless examples of this in any home. Old clothes, for instance, can easily be sold over with technology and gadgets another excellent source of revenue. Whether its phones, laptops or even CDs and games, these can all fetch a pretty price online. The more you sell, the more you’ll make. A quick spring clean around the house can ultimately lead to some extra money for the summer weddings.

Go Budget

In addition to making extra money, it helps to cut down on your expenses. Whilst some women may object to having to wear the same dress twice, it can cut down on expenses. Likewise, most men will be comfortable wearing the same suit, although it’s much easier to simply change a tie or shirt for a new appearance.

Likewise, do some research and always check your options. If the wedding is at a hotel, don’t instantly book your room there; is there a cheaper one within close proximity? If somewhere else is cheaper it might be worthwhile staying there and getting a taxi back at the end of the night. At the very least, you’re more likely to be able to pay your own way if you make sure you cut down on unnecessary costs.

Plan Ahead

Finally, don’t forget you have plenty of time to plan ahead. Weddings seldom happen overnight. You typically get your invitation early; whilst this is normally for the wedding planners benefit it gives you ample time to plan ahead too. This of course gives you time to save up as much as possible but you can also plan out your budget, sell items or simply work out any other cost effective measures. For instance, if other people are also going, could group transportation be used to save everyone money?

These are only a few quick tips but they should hopefully help you enjoy this summer’s wedding season. It can be a highly enjoyable time of year and making sure money isn’t an issue lets you enjoy it even more.

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