Fruitful Tips To Look Like Pinup Girls

Pinup girl has been regarded as the most revered one throughout the history. All women have been influenced with this most popular icon that has attracted all females that like to become similar to Pinup girls.

Those intending to learn the techniques for creating enchanting looks may follow the under mentioned steps associated with Pinup Makeup Tutorial.

  • Wash the face and apply moisturizer – Make use of some lukewarm water for washing your face, followed by rinsing it with cool water. Dry up the face with soft clean water. Use some moisturizer and toner to restore the natural pH of the skin. Apply some moisturizer that must sink into the skin.
  • Apply foundation – Make use of powder or liquid. It must be blended around the sides of the face. Try to cover up the blemishes if any. Use of concealer may be made if required. Peach or pink color concealer may suit the fair skin while yellow concealer may be used for olive or tan skin. Using black or dark brown liquid liner may be used for reducing the ill effects of pimples and blemishes.
  • Shaping the eyebrows – Strong arched eyebrows are a matter of great pride for the women. They must learn the techniques of Pinup Makeup Tutorial. Use of eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shading kit may be useful in this regard. The arch of the eyebrow must be lighter and thinner to make them appear stronger and attract the onlookers. Avoid making the eyebrows too dark. Brushing a light brown eye shadow over the eyelid works well.
  • Eye makeup – Following tips may be helpful:
    1. Those with lighter hair or eyebrows must go one shade darker.
    2. The ones having dark hair or eyebrows are advised to go one shade lighter. Use of black shade should be avoided.
  • Ashy color may be used by the ladies that have skin with cool undertone while warmer color is recommended for the ones whose skin has warm undertone.
  • Curling the eyelashes – This may be helpful for the eyes to appear more open. It is recommended that the eyelash curler is opened and positioned at the base of the eyelashes. The curler may be squeezed shut and held for about three seconds. Each and every tip of the lashes must be curled.
  • Using false eyelashes – Those intending to make their eyes stand out may make use of false eyelashes. It must be accomplished with great care. Just peel the lashes off the plastic case followed by pulling off the excess glue. Lashes are delicate and must be handled with great care. They must be fitted against the eyes in gentle manners.
  • Pinup girl hairstyle – Those thinking to attract the onlookers must comb their hair in stylish manners. Pulling the hair back into a ponytail and spraying the bangs with hairspray followed by curling the bangs around the finger and pinning underneath with bobby pins is the best method to attract others.
  • Finishing touches – Use or rosy blush may be made by adding the same to your cheeks. Matte-red lipstick may be used for an enchanting pinup girl look. Using the brown eye shadow is also good.

The above simple tips associated with Pinup Makeup Tutorial prove their worth in having attractive looks.