5 Toys To Buy For Your Children This Holiday Season

Finding the perfect toy for your children can be difficult as there is just so much to choose from. But with the popularity of a number of top items this holiday season, finding the perfect toy will need careful planning and a quick finger when online shopping. To get you started, we have put together a list of the top 5 items to buy your loved ones this Christmas. 

Boppi The Booty Shaking Llama 

Christmas presents are a difficult one for many, particularly if you are on a tight budget. But with Boppi The Booty Shaking Llama coming in at between £20-£25 this is the perfect present to keep your children entertained. With 3 songs to dance to, all you have to do is press the button and away she goes. This is a toy that has been flying off the shelves since June and is set to be opened a lot over the course of the Christmas season. 

The Perfect Toy Kitchen 

If you are looking for a joint present for your young ones this year, investing in pretend kitchen toys from The Toy Centre, or other brands are the perfect way to do exactly that. Not only is it a great way to spark creativity, but it can also help to provide a learning opportunity that will help them to learn different foods. This can be useful for those that are heading into their first year of school as they can develop skills that will follow them through life and benefit their development. 

Funko Pops 

Though this is an item that is tailored more towards the older children, Funko pops of their favourite characters can be the perfect stocking filler. With a number of characters from franchises such as SpongeBob, Disney and Harry Potter to name just a few as well as plenty of characters from popular TV shows, you can provide them with the perfect set of figures to suit their personal preferences. 

Nerf Fortnite Blasters 

If you have a child that has been a huge fan of Fortnite all year long, then the Nerf Fortnite blasters could be the perfect gift for them this year. Whether you are looking to purchase the RL Blaster, The AR-L Elite Blaster or a small Lama Micro Shots dart gun for their stocking, this can be a fun activity for the whole family to get involved and to create the ultimate Fortnite game in your living room. 

Pictionary Air 

The final gift that is ideal for the family this year is Pictionary air. This is the perfect remake of a traditional board game that allows you to draw in the air as your family guesses. This along with a number of other board games are the perfect Christmas treat as you can get the family together without having to spend a small fortune. 

With this in mind, there are a number of amazing gifts for you to get for your children this holiday season whether it is one we have included on this list or one that your little ones find in store, we are sure you will have the best Christmas ever. 

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