Ollia Tzarina, Kendall Jenner, Billionaires And Africa


Just to remind you who Ollia Tzarina is ( @oli_tzari on Instagram if you want to look at some eye candy) she is the girl whose ex brand Tzarina By Ollia was worn by French Montana, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Kourtney Kardashian, and many more celebrities. The label has been sold to the unnamed Indian princess ( India has cast so they still have real-life princesses that live the high life in the cities such as London and Paris ) 

After Ollia sold her brand she took a 4 months break during which she took her friend Asghar Akhtar Khan who happens to be a Pakistan born billionaire and they took a trip to the African continent. They traveled around local villages, ate local food, explored exotic locations. On one of such day trips when they reached Morocco, they found a village up in the Atlas mountains above Agadir that sits on the coats of the Atlantic ocean. The village was small and had just a few families living there. It was surrounded by Argan trees. One morning while Ollia was walking around the village with a cup of authentic Moroccan tea she spotted two ladies harvesting the trees, they started talking and they invited Ollia to come with them and see what they will do with the argan nuts. There was a laboratory nearby that one of the families owned where they produced argan oil-based products for their local market and the products constantly sold out. There were also samples of more Exotique oils Ollia has never heard of such as marula, prickly pear, and neem. Ollia took samples back to her hotel and stopped using her high-end skincare for one week, every night just using avocado, neem, argan and marula oils that all have different properties. And she was so astonished by the effects she told Asghar and Bio Lab Exotique was born there and then. Ollia and Asghar spent one month in Morocco, joined by the lab and skincare professionals, mixing exotic oils into the perfect potions that in the end ended up working as effectively as Ollia’s favorite high-end skincare. Bio Lab Exotique is coming out with two products, YOUTH, and ELIXIR, each priced 40 $ and available soon to pre-order via www.olitzari.com

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