Getting Grips with Hair Removal

It’s the bane of every woman’s life and something she has to carry out on a regular basis from her teenage years onwards; hair removal is generally messy, time-consuming and sometimes even painful, depending on the method you choose. But what exactly are the options for today’s modern woman who wants to present the world with smooth and sleek legs and underarms?


Whether wet shaving with a razor, or wet or dry shaving with an electric shaver, this has been the choice of women for many years. Inexpensive, depending on the brand of razors you choose, the method is effective but has a reasonably high mess rating and is fairly time-consuming. It also has to be done with astonishing regularity – every day for some women, depending on rate of hair growth.

Laser hair removal

Without doubt the most expensive method of hair removal, but with the bonus of being permanent, laser hair removal is probably the most cost-effective solution in the long-term. Lasers destroy the hair at the roots which prevents any regrowth from occurring. Treatments are usually conducted over a number of weeks in order to target each individual growing hair. Make sure you choose a reputable salon with experience in providing laser hair treatments for optimum results.


Not the most pain-free experience, but done correctly waxing removes hair at the roots preventing regrowth for up to six weeks at a time. The wax can be applied hot or cold and can be done at a salon or with the use of home kits for those who are brave enough. Many people believe that the process becomes easier over time, possibly due to a weakening of the hair but possibly because the body becomes accustomed to the process.

Waxing tends to be more popular when done in a salon by trained professionals. The process is quicker and usually produces better results than when done at home. Currently one of the most popular methods of hair removal because of the delay in regrowth, although regular visits to the salon can amount to very large sums of money over a period of months or years.


Strictly for the brave or those with a high pain threshold, epilators are devices used in your own home. Similar in appearance to electronic shavers, epilators work by grabbing individual hairs between rotating plates and pulling them out at the roots in a process similar to tweezing. Very much an acquired taste, many people find them uncomfortable to use, hence the thriving second-hand trade in lightly-used models!

Depilatory creams

Another home-use product, depilatory creams have been around for a number of years, with very little change being made to the formulation in that time. A strong-smelling cream is applied to the legs or underarms and allowed to penetrate into the hair shaft in a process that can take up to ten minutes. The cream is then scraped or washed off, removing the hair at the same time. Although reasonably effective this method can lead to patchy results and a distinctive fragrance after use.

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