Give A Twist To Your Tea With Cold Brewing

Your love for tea must’ve introduced you to tea punches, chilled tea, frozen treat pleasures, and iced tea lattes so far. But have you got introduced to the easiest-to-prepare yet the most elusive of them all? What we are pointing to is cold-brewed teas. Prepared through easy chilled-tea brewing methods, this cold beverage is so delicious that you’ll get addicted to it very soon. Here, we are about to introduce you to the exciting world of cold-brew and why it’s so popular with the young and old alike. 

The Smooth and Sweet Taste of Cold-brewed Tea

When you taste cold brewed tea for the first time, you’ll find it naturally sweeter and smoother than hot water brewed tea. This is because a different chemical balance is extracted when tea is brewed in cold rather than hot water. There’s also a big difference in how cold water brewed tea is to be stored and consumed. The article “Cold Brew Any Tea” from Sips By explains that while tea steeped in hot water needs to be consumed the same day it’s made, cold-brewed tea can last for days in the refrigerator. As per research studies, the levels of catechins and caffeine is much less in this version of brewed tea. This in turn leads to a reduction in the bitterness quotient of the tea.

Cold Brewing: An Innovative Means of Enjoying an Old Drink

It’s always wonderful to experience a change in flavor profile. This is specifically true if you are a foodie or brew lover. Cold brewing is an exciting means of adding a new twist to your regular cup of tea. So, as much as you enjoy drinking hot tea, it would do your taste buds good to try tea that’s laced with ice, cold water, or a host of other flavors. Tea serves to be a great ingredient for food recipes and lattes apart from pampering you at any time of the day. 

No Dangerous Bacteria in Cold Brewed Tea

Very few would know that cold-brewed tea does not lay down the ground for potentially dangerous bacteria to grow or proliferate.  You may want to compare its goodness with sun tea – sugar, water, and sun – all these inputs form the perfect base for microbes to thrive in your tea. However, it’s important to keep one rule in mind when you’re going about the preparation of your cold brew. Non-tea “teas” as well as tea-blend ingredients such as fruit herbs, and dried flowers require a rinse of hot or boiling water before being brewed. This is because herbal blends do not go through any heat processing and may contain bacteria or the dust collected over the years. A hot water rinse takes care of the microbes, if any, and freshens up the tea for further use. 

Begin your Journey of Cold Brewed Tea

Cold brewing, a simple method of preparing your favorite beverage, is open to innovation and a spate of flavors. You may want to start your journey by experimenting with different kinds of tea in use and the length of time allotted for brewing. Got a sweet tooth? Don’t feel shy of reaching out for the sweetener; the idea is to prepare the tea to your liking – just as you prefer it to be!

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