5 Reasons Why The LBD Will Never Go Out Of Style

The little black dress that goes by the alias LBD has somehow become an iconic staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s that garment you put on when you don’t know what to wear, and it’s also the star of the closet when you want to look your best. While the LBD has been around for quite some time, it was Audrey Hepburn who is thought by many to have cemented its place in fashion history. When she wore Givenchy’s version of it on the set of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” it stole the show and suddenly became a form of art. This is just the beginning of the reasons why the LBD will never go out of style. Following are a few more.

It’s versatile

The little black dress can be dressed up or down in so many ways that you can wear it anywhere with almost anything. For a corporate look, you can pair it with a white blazer and pumps. Or for a more casual look, it can be worn with a fun scarf and strappy sandals. And of course, for evening, elegant jewelry and heels are all you need to make the look sexy and sophisticated. The LBD is famous for being a staple that you can wear to the office, shopping, or your kid’s school assembly, and still look great for dinner.

Anyone can wear it

There’s an LBD for practically every body type. Black itself is slimming and elongating, and if you find the right fit, very flattering. You can find black dresses for women in every size and many styles. These include empire waists, fit and flare, shift dresses, form-fitting, and more. You’ll even find the LBD in maternity wear that can help a pregnant woman feel fabulous rather than frumpy. 

Black is always in style

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends isn’t always easy, but there’s one thing you can be sure of — black is always in style. No matter what colors pop up on the runway, you’re likely to see at least one LBD. Black is in fashion in any circle. You can reach in your closet for your little black number and know you’ll never be a fashion pariah at your own party. It works every time in almost any situation. 

You can wear it in any season

Wearing white comes with a lot of rules that are hard to keep track of. For one thing, you obviously shouldn’t wear it to a wedding. This color is reserved for the bride during the ceremony. You also aren’t really supposed to wear it in winter. A lot of people disagree, but winter white is traditionally more of an off-white or cream. 

Black, on the other hand, is clear to wear during any season. This is especially true with the LBD that is typically not long, hot, or bulky. This dress can be lightened up with airy sandals, light-colored jewelry, and bare legs. But even worn alone, it’s still a win in any season.

It’s concealing

The LBD is famous for concealing problem areas and creating a more slim silhouette. To hide lumps and bumps, many women go with a looser fit or choose to wear shapewear underneath. Another great thing about the garment is that it often hides a spill better than other colors. A cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or even the beef bourguignon from dinner will hide themselves well in the fabric. Just give it a wipe-down with water or seltzer in the bathroom and no one will be the wiser. 

All signs indicate that the LBD is here to stay. No matter what the occasion and whatever the time of day or year it may be, wear your black dress with pride knowing that your look will be elegant, timeless, and classic.

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