Having Fun With Your Bike Jersey

In the beginning, cyclists all wore fairly plain jerseys that only had their numbers and last names pinned to the back. Other than that, they looked almost identical. It was often hard to tell who was who when a large pack of cyclists turned the corner and headed down the home stretch to the finish line. Today, that’s no longer the case. Cycling has become a hobby that many people have taken up. As it became more popular, the accessories and gear associated with cycling have also become more popular and gone through some changes. Here are a few ways you can have fun with your bike jersey.


Jerseys are definitely no longer plain white. Today, you’ll find bike jerseys in just about every colour you can imagine. Many of them are actually done in bright neon colours for those who ride early in the morning or late at night. These colours help reflect the light so other cyclists and drivers can see you. It’s more of a safety choice than a fashion choice, but if you often ride in low-light conditions, you may want to consider going with brightly-coloured jerseys.

There are some jerseys that are multiple colours now, too; plus, not all jerseys are in bright colours. There are some black ones that feature bright sleeves or that fade to white at the top or bottom. There’s just about any colour combination out there so you’re sure to find a jersey or two done in your favourite.


Many jersey companies now also incorporate different designs onto their products. You’ll find everything from wings to skulls to gears on jerseys today. Some are fairly simple designs while others may fill the entire back or front of the jersey and contain a background pattern with bright images laid on top of it. Some feature only images while others include text with various sayings or terms related to riding. Artists have gotten very creative with their cycling jersey designs. These designs will definitely make certain that you don’t get lost in the crowd when racing.


Some cyclists are very loyal to their jersey brands and they proudly wear jerseys and other products that show off that brand’s logo. There are many jerseys that feature logos on them. Some of these logos are fairly small and are located where the front breast pocket would be on a polo shirt or button up shirt. Others have logos that take up the entire back of the jersey and let everyone know what brand you support.

Other jerseys feature the brand’s logo interwoven with other images like bicycle tires, gears, wings, flowers, and vines. There are so many different options available that you may find yourself purchasing multiple jerseys because you just can’t decide which one you like the best. Of course, if you ride often or are a racer, you may want to have multiple jerseys on hand anyway so you always have a clean one.

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