Here’s Why Hip Flasks Are The Perfect Wedding Favour

Weddings are events of happiness when two people who love each other start the journey of togetherness with the presence of family and friends.
Wedding favours on the other hand is a term that is coined for gifts that hold traditional importance in cultures around the globe. These gifts used to be confined to certain things like gift hampers, but in recent years, a wedding favour could be as personalised and fun as you want.

The importance of wedding favours

People have had the courtesy to give away a wedding favour or two to the guests at a wedding for ages. The importance behind this gesture is simple – it is a way of humbly showing the guests that their presence means a lot to the newlywed couple. It also showcases that the couple is honoured to be the host of their guests who have come to share their happiness.

What is the perfect wedding favour?

As mentioned earlier, back in the day, wedding favours mostly were simple traditional gifts that were exchanged between people of different generations but in recent times, a wedding favour could be something that the guests at a wedding can use at their leisure.

For instance, a hip flask!

A hip flask!?

Yes! A hip flask!

Is it a good idea?

Absolutely and in case you are wondering why then read the following sections –

A hip flask is a unisexual gift that is also easy to customise. A personalised hip flask that has the name of the guest engraved will give the favour a personal touch. The favour will not be a hard thing to choose by as many hip flask sellers offer engraving services and that too at reasonable rates. On the other hand, a hip flask can be used by both men and women hence; you would not need to worry about different gifts for different guests.

A hip flask can be carried anywhere

Hip flasks can be used anywhere and can be carried in one’s coat, shirt or pant pocket with ease. Modern hip flasks are designed to be slim and yet they can hold a considerable amount of alcoholic beverage. Furthermore, the presence of in-built cups, leather carry case and non-detachable lids allows a modern hip flask to be a versatile wedding gift for guests.
They are budget-friendly yet they are elegant to use and look at!

Whether you are choosing a generic or high on feature hip flask as wedding favours, or one that is engraved with the name of your guest, you can rest assured that you would not need to spend a lot and still have a unique gift for your guests.

On the other hand, a hip flask, especially a high-quality, engraved one, looks flashy, classy and elegant. Your guests will love to use it and will definitely think about you when they take a sip of their favourite alcoholic drink from their hip flask.


Whether you want to choose a generic hip flask or an engraved one as a wedding gift, you should procure it from a revered online seller that has a stellar reputation. Furthermore, make sure that the hip flask is made using high-quality stainless steel and has features like a non-detachable cap and an in-built cup. Source cautiously and who knows, your guests might cherish your wedding favours for years to come!

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