How To Dress Up Like A Hippy?

Hippies are known to lead a carefree lifestyle. They are often found in groups living near beaches. They even relocate from one place to another. Their lifestyle, especially their sense of clothing, has become a fashion trend nowadays. Many people love to dress up like them.

However, most people face problems in finding the right way of hippie clothing for them. They might also not find proper clothes online. Let us look at some of the common ways by which you can dress up like a hippy:-

Choose used clothes

The most striking feature of any hippy is that they never choose any expensive clothes for them. They do not care about their appearance. They can drape themselves in simple, used, or faded clothes as well. Therefore, if you wish to dress up like a hippy, you must choose used clothes. You can find such clothes in any second-hand shop. You can also ask someone to lend their old clothes to you.

Use colorful clothes

The hippies are always particular to introduce vibrance in their appearance. They love to wear a variety of colors on their clothes. You might not be able to wear such clothes on any other occasion. These colors will represent their colorful nature. Therefore, you must ensure that your hippy clothes have a lot of colors and their combinations. You will feel happy when you wear such colorful hippy clothes.

Use denim bell-bottoms or denim shorts

If you look at the old hippy style, you will find that most of them preferred to wear denim bell-bottoms. They considered it to be a common option that can go with any tops. Nowadays, they also prefer to wear denim shorts. They normally wear it when it is hot outside. If you wish to complete your hippy look, you must have either of them. You will find that both these options go well with any hippy-styled top.

Use loose clothes

Hippies never like to show off their body curves. They often wear loose, oversized clothes. It is obvious since they mostly wore used clothes. You can also choose naturally flowing ones like flowy skirts. These skirts are quite common amongst hippies. Besides women, many men also prefer wearing them. You can get a lot of inspiration from hippies in India about their clothing style.

Choose your accessories carefully

Hippies love to wear a lot of accessories. They also inject colors into their range of accessories. Colorful beads are a common sight amongst them. They also love to wear shades of different styles. Some hippies also consider colorful hats as a part of their clothing style. If you wish to dress up like a hippy, you need to take special care of the accessories you choose along with your clothes.

These are some of the general considerations that you need to make while dressing up like a hippy. You will get these articles of clothing at any nearby marketplace. Make sure that all the components that you choose for yourself complement each other.

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