How To Relax Your Body And Soul In 5 Easy Steps

When we face stressful situations in life, we tend to carry that tension both physically and mentally, without realizing how easily they can feed off of one another – when we feel physically tense, we can easily increase our psychological and emotional stress levels as well. Conversely, when we release the built-up tension from our body, we can help relax our mind and relieve psychological stress, enabling us to approach life in a more proactive and peaceful manner. If you are feeling stressed and wondering how to relax, here are some simple steps that will help you release tension in your body and your mind:

1. Have a cup of tea

Whenever you are feeling stressed, think about making yourself a warm cup of tea – not only does it have great calming properties, but it can also improve your mood, reduce irritability and help treat insomnia. Of course, an important thing to note is that some forms of caffeinated teas have the ability to make you feel just as wired as a cup of coffee would, which is why it is always best to opt for decaffeinated teas that are created entirely with natural ingredients. Drinking a cup of tea is the best and the easiest way to relax your mind and decrease the overall levels of stress.

2. Treat yourself

A good, old-fashioned bubble bath paired with your favorite essential oils or bath salts and a glass of wine is one of the best ways to relax your body after a long day. However, a real treat for both your body and your soul would be to take a day off from time to time to unwind at a luxurious resort. If you live in Sydney, the Sol Spa in Eastern Suburbs is a place you shouldn’t miss. Apart from being able to nurture your body with cleansing facials and relaxing massages, this spa also offers holistic consultations that will truly heal your soul.

3. Bring in some scents

Not only does aromatherapy have a physical effect on our wellbeing, but it can actively change our mood as well. The sense of smell may not be very well understood, but what we do know is that it is linked to the most primitive part of our brain and it seems to have a direct connection to our emotions. That is why it is recommended to burn a candle or fragrant oil, or even use herbs to perfume your pillow, in order to relax both your body and your soul. While lavender is believed to be the most soothing aroma, other scents, such as chamomile, bergamot and sandalwood, have soothing properties as well.

4. Feel the music

As a form of self-expression, music offers us the opportunity to increase our sense of meaning and create positive experiences. Apart from elevating our mood, music also has the ability to help us feel more relaxed, lower our stress levels and improve our overall mental wellbeing. It is even used as a form of therapy in order to combat anxiety and depression, as well as to treat chronic insomnia. If you take some time out of your day to listen to some soft, calming music, both your body and your soul will be eternally grateful.

5. Practice yoga and meditation

Instead of turning on the television or the computer as soon as you get home after a long day of work, opt for yoga or a meditation session instead. Apart from numerous physical health benefits, regular yoga practice will also create mental clarity and calmness, relieve chronic stress patterns, sharpen your concentration and relax your mind. Similarly, meditation will reduce stress and anxiety, increase your sense of well-being and promote your emotional health. Even if you only take twenty minutes out of your day for one of these mindful practices, you’ll soon feel a large improvement in the overall wellness of your body and your soul.

It is crucial to relieve both your body and your mind from everyday stresses by nurturing your whole self, including your physical, mental and emotional needs, and by following these simple steps, you will slowly, but surely make your way towards a calmer and more peaceful life.

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