Wedding Party Fun

Getting married is a special day. A celebration of two families being joined together. Months are spent planning every little detail from who will officiate the wedding down to the color of napkins at your dinner and/or reception. If you are a bride to be, you have picked out every details meticulously aiming to make […]

Finer Standards For The Wedding Suits Now

Timing, budget, style or accessories, because not everything revolves around looking for the perfect wedding dress, we share today with you the tips to choose his groom suit, an article written with the help of Paul Smith, who has just unveiled his new collection of groom suits.

7 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Car

Everyone wants to make their wedding memorable. A wedding car plays a big role in making it. When you come out of the car at the entrance of the ceremony, it is something really special. So, you have to pick the wedding car to make your appearance more appealing and exhilarating. So, here are the […]