Start Thinking About Your Roof Maintenance Programme Now

With our beautiful summer seeming to go on and on, the prospect of autumn and winter may seem a long way off; but in reality it is just around the corner. So now is the perfect time to ensure your commercial buildings maintenance is looked at. The coming months can be especially harsh on our buildings and the weather can mean that maintenance becomes a more difficult prospect as well. So along with ensuring that other elements of your building are given the once over, it is well worth starting at the top and employing a professional organisation to check out the condition of your roof and guttering, as well as finding someone who offers a maintenance programme of cleaning and repairs.

What’s the point of it?

It may seem like an unnecessary additional cost but when you consider the implications of the water damage into your commercial premises from a leaking roof or a problem with your guttering (such as it becoming blocked) it should be apparent what sense it actually makes. Guttering in particular at this time of year can become increasingly blocked, leading not only to standing water but also the possibility of vegetation actually growing in it which will undoubtedly lead to future problems, not only shortening the lifespan of the guttering but also increasing the potential for leakages into the premises fabric.

With the increasing levels of technology that all businesses now use and the historical paperwork that many need to keep in order to comply with business regulations, water damage is an expensive inconvenience that most businesses can do without in the current climate. And unfortunately, even the highest quality products can at some point fail, so it is worth keeping an on-going contract to ensure the repair of your roof and guttering.

What sort of contract should I look for?

Most professional companies will offer to come and carry out an inspection on an annual basis. This will include a thorough examination of all your guttering and roofing and concise advice as to any remedial work that may need to be carried out.

In order to try and make the process as cost effective as possible most industry experts would advise organisations to maintain an on-going contract with a roofing specialist to carry out this work. They comment that many companies leave it too long between inspections meaning that when they do have one there are additional costs in order to get the roofing and guttering in an acceptable level of repair. This in turn will then mean that your roof and guttering should enjoy a longer life saving you some money in the long term.

As with most contracts of this nature do your research well, check out firms offering Roof Management services and ensure you choose a company that is going to meet your business needs. Of course look for organisations that will come out and offer a free survey of commercial premises and then offer you a written quote.

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