How to Make Your Backyard the Envy of the Neighbourhood

When you move into a new home, it’s likely that there will be a number of renovation projects waiting for you. Houses come in all sorts of states so you may need to do something drastic like replacing the roof, or something far simpler like painting the bedroom. Twin-Oaks_Barn-2One area that always allows space for improvement is the backyard, and it’s possible to turn this into an area that you want to enjoy and show off to your friends. The benefit of this is that work outdoors can often be completed more quickly than indoor projects, meaning you can host guests sooner than you could otherwise.

I experienced the same last year when I bought my new home, and now my backyard is the envy of the neighbourhood. Here’s what I did to give it that title…

Installed a paved terrace

The first thing I did was to sacrifice some grass for a great chill out space. It’s fine to put garden furniture and benches on grass, but I find that putting them on a flat surface works so much better and it gives you distinct areas of the yard to use for different purposes. After I got a paved terrace installed, I chose a permanent wooden canopy that would keep the midday sun off me and my guests when we were outside relaxing. The final touch was the ceiling fans which create a nice breeze on particularly hot days.

Got a swimming pool

I used another section of my garden for a swimming pool. I wanted this set back from the terrace area as I didn’t want people to slip into the water after having a couple of beers; therefore I got the contractors to put it in towards the back of the yard. I chose a concrete pool as they can be made any shape or any size – mine has wavy edges which makes it great to look at. Look online for companies who can install a concrete pool in Sydney or further afield; that’s how I got mine done. It might also be worth putting in a changing room or shed if you don’t want wet feet traipsing through your home.

Bought a new barbecue

After the terrace and pool were in, my yard was certainly starting to take shape. However, I needed to get a new barbecue before I could invite my friends over as a garden party just isn’t complete without one! I chose a big gas grill with a lid, which is great for cooking a range of different barbecue grub. The beer fridge on the terrace has been a popular choice too!

Invested in shrubbery

Finally, I wanted there to be a bit of colour and life in the yard so I employed a gardener to come and work his magic. Now I’ve got all sorts of trees, bushes and shrubs that look excellent throughout the year. It’s a small touch that can make a big difference, and make your yard look like a tropical wonderland to boot.

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