Are You Looking a Used Motorhome?

As new motorhomes can be expensive, it makes sense to see so many people opting to buy a used motorhome instead. Whilst it can be harder to personalise used motorhomes, heading down the second-hand route can enable you to save a vast sum of cash. Once you have decided to start looking for a used motorhome, the next step is to choose how you will buy it. Whether you’re buying from a dealer, a private seller or at a convention, there are always steps that you can take to ensure that your deal goes smoothly.

Buying From Dealers

Some dealers do undoubtedly have a bad reputation, but the good news is that these dealers simply don’t last very long. The less happy their customers are, the harder their image is hit, meaning less custom and usually closing down. Therefore, if you do stumble across a long-established dealer, you can expect to be treated ethically, morally and in a courteous, professional manner. You may be able to benefit from exceptional finance terms if you cannot afford to buy outright too.

Shows, Exhibitions and Conventions

Many people do buy motorhomes after seeing them showcased at shows. There are many events and exhibitions that take place in the UK every year, attracting people from all around the country. With so many dealers present, you can expect to secure a bargain as each competitor battles it out against another. Nonetheless, you may find it a good idea to buy only from a dealer within easy reach of your home. If anything does go wrong with your vehicle, it will be highly impractical to travel miles and miles to rectify the problem.

Don’t Take Risks With Motorhomes

A number of people have bought motorhomes online in recent years, and this does also come with a series of advantages and disadvantages. It can be harder to know who you’re dealing with when you use online auction sites and many people have unwittingly found themselves in possession of stolen vehicles after buying them through such sites. Much like in the car industry, you can run a history check on a motorhome to see if the vehicle has ever been reported stolen, written-off and whether it has outstanding finance left on it. This has provided many people with the peace of mind that they have required.

Take Care When Buying Privately

You could buy from a private dealer through a classified ad too, but it is worth remembering that, once again, a vehicle history check is basically essential – and you shouldn’t hand over any cash until the used motorhome is in your possession. You should also remember that a low mileage doesn’t necessarily equate to a fantastic condition. As motorhomes are lived in, they may need significant work even if they haven’t clocked up too many miles. Mileage is just one factor that you should consider alongside age, condition, size, insurance and running costs and other facilities. By taking care, you can find your perfect motorhome.

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